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My flight to Nyaung U Airport (destination Bagan) from Yangon is at 3pm. I managed to get late check out from my hotel at Yangon around 1pm. I left by Taxi at 1pm and reached at Yangon Domestic airport around 1:45pm. Traffic jam!!! Just for your information you can't see any motorbike on Yangon road. Only imagine the traffic...terrible. Anyway I am here... Since I don't give too high expectation on their domestic airport so I am not disappointed at all. In fact , I am relief...not that bad after all!!! Reached there ...with my big bag... 'Minglabar'!!!! mean hello in Myanmar... then they speak Myanmar to me... and I gave them my puzzle look...then they realise I am foreigner...then they go ...'sawadikap' to me. Aiyoh!!! I am Thai now... I replied back 'Kapkunkap'....I am no Myanmar I am no Thai... I am Malaysian.... hehehehe with my smile back to them. They go....ooooo sorry sorry....face Myanmar ? No Th

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