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How To Teach Kids About Finances with Interactive Games

  Parenting is not just about teaching kids to behave and be good boys and girls. Being ambitious and having good dreams for a better future is important but a good sense of managing money or finances is equally important.  When it's time for them to make financial decisions for example savings, investment, and even dealings with basic daily life transactions, a good basic foundation and knowledge are essential. Believe it or not, there are sayings that only those who can do well in life can do well with money. There are a few ways to teach kids about money and how to take financial decisions : 1. Lead by example - Start getting your kids involved in grocery shopping and explain the comparison of goods prices and show them how to purchase the right one. 2. Earn the allowance - Educate your kids to earn the keeps. They will appreciate every penny they earned through chores or tasks given. 3. Savings Habit - Gift them a piggy bank or jar to teach them saving habits. This is to elimin

Where To Play Free Online Games for Brain Exercise

  Old age is unfair for some of us. Speaking from experience, in my late 40s coming to my 50s next year I already fighting my way for mobility due to severe back pain. The only thing I have to protect now is to care for my brain. I just hope my mind doesn't diminish over time before my time is up! Those days, I could say online writing will be my best way to stay alert and but now I have to surrender to that. I am only able to write occasionally due to my disability to sit down on a chair for more than 15 minutes. Realistically, I started to play games for brain training. My preference would be board games . Board games in general very popular among senior citizens because it is fun to play, and engaging since we have a sense of achievement once the game is completed. At the same time, increase brain function, assist in practising cognitive skills and also facilitates a bonding experience if you play with a friend or partner. I would say good for a kid's brain development too.

Playing Solitaire is The Best Mind Therapy

  I personally find that Solitaire is the most interesting card game. For me, solitaire keeps my mind busy when I need to forget something or become mind restless. This is a sort of mental activity to keep me stay sane. I can't be reading books, working or even watch TV or even listen to the radio all the time, right? Playing  Most importantly, I don't need to pay for it. I always play solitaire online free games. No registration is needed too. I just need to open the website either on mobile or desktop and start to play for free. I usually play Classic Solitaire at the  free online game website  How to play Classic Solitaire? In general, this is a sort of stack cards game. Just remember the sequences on suits and rank, for example, the cards will be stacked as K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,3 2, A with no mixed suits. Basically, in summary, the rules of Classic Solitaire are : 🃏 Usually, cards are arranged from left to right, with the bottom-most of the card ea

Play Online Games To Keep My Sanity On Check

  The world changes drastically ever since 2 years ago. Most of us has lost our freedom. We can't go travel to rewards our hard work. We have to work from home and kids have to do online studies.  The most unfortunate case, some of us have been away from family and loved ones for years by now. Many people livelihood has been affected with some forcefully lost their job and some even quit the job because it's not easy to work from home. The number of suicidal cases has been increasing in every part of the world. Even as an extremely introverted person, I am personally affected by this global pandemic situation. How on earth, we could stay sane during this community-wide lockdown?  I started to play online games! To be honest, I never play online games until early last year. I used to think the online game is a waste of time and only those who are lazy to work play the online game. No hard feeling, my dear online gamer! It all started when the first lockdown started in March 2019

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