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How To Teach Kids About Finances with Interactive Games


Teach finance to Kid

Parenting is not just about teaching kids to behave and be good boys and girls. Being ambitious and having good dreams for a better future is important but a good sense of managing money or finances is equally important. 

When it's time for them to make financial decisions for example savings, investment, and even dealings with basic daily life transactions, a good basic foundation and knowledge are essential. Believe it or not, there are sayings that only those who can do well in life can do well with money.

There are a few ways to teach kids about money and how to take financial decisions :

1. Lead by example - Start getting your kids involved in grocery shopping and explain the comparison of goods prices and show them how to purchase the right one.

2. Earn the allowance - Educate your kids to earn the keeps. They will appreciate every penny they earned through chores or tasks given.

3. Savings Habit - Gift them a piggy bank or jar to teach them saving habits. This is to eliminate overspending habits.

4. Investing and Sharing Knowledge - Teach them about sharing money in terms of helping and charity contributions to others in need. At the same time education on earning and saving, sharing and investment is equally significant.

5. Financial Decisions - Get them involved in some basic financial decisions. Always teach them to do a pros and cons comparison. Then share the reason for each decision made. 

One of the most effective methods is through interactive games. Which kids will pass on to play online games. I stumbled upon the free online games to teach kids about business, money management, and entrepreneurship while browsing the mortgage calculator site. These are the new additional sections. There are many types of games to choose from. 

This site offers dozens of fun, free, and ad-free video games in many categories such as money games, real estate games, food business simulation games, business simulation games, software development games, office politics games, and many other fun games.

For example, you can teach your kids how to pay at the cashier confidently by playing Grocery Cashier games. This game is a totally good start for your children to practice addition and subtraction and be more familiar with money. They virtually play pretend as a grocery cashier and they are responsible to manage the virtual cash register to attend to customers. Not easy to be a cashier when customers paid by voucher. I personally have some confusion here and then but in the end, mastered it.

Supermarket Numbers is also another good game for your kids to practice arithmetic in fun and interactive ways. The games are a good training method for your kids to be sharp in making decisions with numbers and meticulously. The player needs to read the numerical goal in the upper left corner and then select the numbers to match.

Kingdom wars are hard to miss out too. I personally, love to play monopoly. This game is inspired by Monopoly. Kids can feel a sense of achievement by learning how to spend their money wisely and grow them through the property and other investments. Just throw the dice and move. Earn gold to buy free land and always stay alert from the enemy. This game also teaches how to manage debts.

I personally tried to play a few of the games and here are my favorites.

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine

I have always been interested to learn about Bitcoin mine but hard for me to understand just reading about it. It is really fun to learn about bitcoin mine through this game. 

I get a better understanding of Cryptocurrencies from this game. On top of that, through this game, I got to learn how Bitcoin started in human history.

I wish this is real money. 😅 I totally got carried away at times whenever started playing this game. So hooked by this one.


Train yourself to be in the stock market. Although the game doesn't really teach any sort of technical analysis in stock it really gives you a basic feel as one of the players of the stock. Especially, to stay alert to buy at a low price and watch out to sell it at a high price for profit. It shows the volatility and fluctuation in stock market prices. This is another favorite game of mine from this site.

I am a frequent user of this website for the financial calculator and so on. I discover they added the free online games only recently. At least the games give me some side online entertainment and at the same time provides education to kids and adult.

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