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Prunes diet

Today is Monday!!!! I am supposely to busy open my mouth wide open for dentist to insert in screw and put in the denture....hope everything its fine! Saturday they called me and say my gadget not arrive yet, so next appointment on Friday. WTH! Wait for my next rant le... Today post is for my latest diet.... Dying to look like on of 'Girls Generation' ambitious of me leh...but don't want to starve my self like them can ..I can't eat many good food...slurrppp!!! I am dying to lose weight but really feel pain to my ass to complete that 1 hour running on treadmill daily. I did run and walking on that treadmill but still my metabolism rate is like...weiiiii...still slow...yeah...factor of ageing really help to slow it even more. during early December met my sis and she were saying you try to eat pitted prunes at least 7 a day. Don't over eat it! Currently hook to this pitted prunes...I don't real

Seoul Trip 8 - 17 Nov 2012

I just came back from my Seoul Trip last Sunday morning. Yup! reached home around 1:00am. I came back with melted flue. wahahaha..disgusting huh? I was accchhooooo...all the way ..unable to sleep and until now the body feel very heaty and so not comfortable. Temperature over there in Seoul??? Wind chill and as low as 1 nose and cheek frozen! My trip is 97% leisure and 3% work...hehehehe sounds great...until yeah...I don't feel like coming back here to Malaysia. I want to stay in Seoul! I went there with limited Korean I end up have a mind of Japanese in foreign country. I communicate in English and BM and they will reply to me in Korean...and yet we still understand each other. They are very nice to me too... Especially the Ajumma and helpful too. Lonely traveller like me love this kind of hospitality. Most of the time I walked using my tab gps... I took subway and walk and walk and walk... I only took one day to

More Butt

My diary entry for this one its all about view from my eyesight and my thoughts...   Wanna real tattto...there there contact that advertisement for this fella..    Who know this fella??? How about my 'Astro Boy'??? kawaii!!!   shaking leg at 'Ochado' near Tokyo Street.... my eyes wondering around for people's butt!!!! what to do.... I have 'wild eyes' for a lady! hehehehehe...I keep telling 'chinggu' this... That one round butt... that one long leg and that one flat butt that one sexy butt...that one butt...that one short leg...owwhhh that leg...owhh this one 'crab leg... and 'chinggu' goes... your eyes naughtier than man eyes....kekekeke ya lor... that my answer for him..     Dead buffalo!!!   more butt in naughty huh???

My Girl Birthday

This is my girl and she has been working with us for almost 9 months. Happy 24th Years old birthday Fadillah! Yeah...she is young girl....huhuhuhuh These cupcakes we got it from ..chocolate mars


Omo! since I exercise like 'mad dog' and diet like 'horny cat'.... I am addicted to shop for more and more and more clothings. Mad dog? Horny cat? mind my language!!! Oppppssss!!!! I just wrote in whatever came to my don't mind me just read further...k? Shopping??? Yeah! totally crazy over fashion...which I mean korean fashion style. Am I fashionable??? Hell no! Just like one...though! whatever, huh??? As long as I  am happy...  mmmmm.... korean fashion mean I need to have body like them... Oh! well.... at this age with this metabolism rate.... take me ages to reach my goal!!!! I ran 15 minutes...feel like 15 hours...OMO!!! serious!!! I sweat a lot for 15 minutes and I think ...Oh yeah! my fat melted ledi... So I stop...because if I run further then not my fat melt but my meat then my bones least I have 'bimbo theory' there... So called determination to loose weight I have wo

Living Surviving

I woke up last Saturday with my Boss phone call rang to my ears... Owhh!!!! WTH! Forced to wake up with a cheer mood to asnwer the call. WTH! Anyway, I need the salary to pay for my medical expenses though so God Bless!!!! On computer and check out my email. mmmm... Milly Ng from Central Physio in HK has replied me. I need to plan my trip there for my severe bunion treatment. Owwwhhhh! hell it is expensive trip ever! My saving still not enough to cover the treatment cost yet. Now I have to think about accomodation cost,living expenses,transportation and bla bla bla and the bla bla bla is actually dollar sign blink blink in my head! WTH! My hair falling like raining day to think about all this. Ah! not to mention , I need to crack my head talk to my boss in diplomatic way that I am going away for at least 14 days from work place but I still can work from HK. Basically, pack up my things and relocate there for 2 weeks.... Aissshhhh!!!! I should find Mil

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