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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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What to see in Bagan, Myanmar? Bagan is a flat land. When I reached there they are having dry season. So all I can see is like in the dessert....dusty and full of red sand. Bagan is famous with historical sites of Pagodas. This land has been ruled by 55 Kings and imagine most of the Kings built their own Pagodas????? So left and right front and back Pagodas Pagodas and Pagodas.   I will write about the story I heard on this Pagodas in my next entry. It is interesting for me because all this Pagodas has their own mystery especially the last one on this post. Creepy!!!!  The architecture of each Pagoda is unique. The mural painting of ancient daily life and history of Budha is fascinating. Most of this is preserved and untouched. Serious...the history is DAEBAK!    


My flight to Nyaung U Airport (destination Bagan) from Yangon is at 3pm. I managed to get late check out from my hotel at Yangon around 1pm. I left by Taxi at 1pm and reached at Yangon Domestic airport around 1:45pm. Traffic jam!!! Just for your information you can't see any motorbike on Yangon road. Only imagine the traffic...terrible. Anyway I am here... Since I don't give too high expectation on their domestic airport so I am not disappointed at all. In fact , I am relief...not that bad after all!!! Reached there ...with my big bag... 'Minglabar'!!!! mean hello in Myanmar... then they speak Myanmar to me... and I gave them my puzzle look...then they realise I am foreigner...then they go ...'sawadikap' to me. Aiyoh!!! I am Thai now... I replied back 'Kapkunkap'....I am no Myanmar I am no Thai... I am Malaysian.... hehehehe with my smile back to them. They go....ooooo sorry sorry....face Myanmar ? No Th


Chingu birthday this month so just spend sometimes to celebrate the precious one birthday!!!! Getting older huh???? Yeah!!! all of us ageing....soon we going to leave this world!!! Leaving behind all the work ..all the money we save...all the things we treasure ...everybody who love and care and we love and we care for.... This is just our temporary destination....and the next one???? Who knowsssssss....what its going to be like....   Of course my way of celebration is all about food...damn!!!! running 6 hours a day also will be waste of the effort and time huh?   We went for brunch at this place call Kesington.     Clam chowder with garlic bread as starter...   my main course...hahahaha no main course la...this is just like my snack...deep fried calamari with salt and peppercorn Chingu chose this chicken vege casserole for main course.   I stop eating chicken, beef and mutton long time meat for me...I go only seafood or just vege.

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