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Exercise Dilemma

I started to run again after almost 1 year and half stop doing this... Health factor, Old age, hard to breathe and also the desire to look like Yuri, SNSD . Aigooooo...Call me crazy...I still want to look like this...hehehehe 6pm is the time I am waiting for almost everyday since last Monday. I just can wait to run and run and run and run..... timing and miles has been improving ever since I started...progressing well. I don't just stop at running...I add in 10 minutes cardio workout for abs too. Princess is totally working hard nowadays. Princess is turning into hamster these days! After one and half hours work out.... I normally look like this with sweating all over the body. Then when the clock strike 10 - 11pm.... I am turning into jelly....Gosh!!! I never been this hard working....since all this while just focus on work and yoga only. Dilemma after work out. * Shower at Night When working out I sweat a lot... then cannot take shower too early.

Saint Weekday Sinful Weekend

Whenever, I want to go on healthy diet, I always said to myself..... Last time last time of this process and oily food.... There you go.... Portuguese Grilled.... Hot & Spicy and the taste??? O la la.... I went to shop for this purple sweet potato and here me go... boiling sweet potatoes for my lunch break tomorrow at office That purple colour is totally my favourite colour...beautiful... Don't know why this fella cracked up like this when it cook... mmmm my sweet potatoes look unpresentable!!! Anyway for my cooking skill????? Acceptable! hahahaha I love capsicum! I cut 3 different colours of capsicum, carots and few leaf of red coral salad for my morning breakfast... Oh! wow!!!! I am too saint... hahahahaha Orange for my morning breakfast too!!! Oh! wow!!!! So healthy suddenly Princess??? What is going on???? Princess ambition to have body like this.... I am doing cardio every night! Why? Because I want

Envy them

I always wants to loose weight. Who doesnt want that? I was working hard nowadays. Eat 3 meals a day and exercising for 30 minutes every evening. Cant afford for one hour . :( But I feel I am bloated even more than before. Maybe the exercising part. Ah! need to increase more. I was looking for korean girl music group diet and routine. I came across SNSD girl group diet. Ah! can I do that? Breakfast * Sweet pumpkin, cherry tomatoes,puddings Lunch * Lemon, tomatoes,veggie salad Dinner * Watermelon, pineapples,shrimp salad Their food intake is 1200 cal per day. They then go through their dance routine from AM to AM. No joke! The result is the perfect abs of Yuri and great 'S' line for all of them. Ah! they are working really hard. Make a lot of money but they dont really enjoy food. They look very skinny. Me too want to follow their regime but too difficult for self control. I will tell the world if I have that kind of self control and loose weight.

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