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It's a fact of business life that people come and go... The offer of better prospects or career advancement elsewhere will naturally draw good people away from time to time. Well this is the reality of life, isn't it??? But what about the others-the ones who leave in order to do much the same thing, for much the same money,elsewhere??? What went wrong here??? Don't you think this scenario is common too??? Bosses will often assume it's question of pay.  Well lazy thinker Bosses will assume this scenario at it is!! Thinking in employees shoes, I put it this way.... Money is important ! It is hypocrite of anybody not thinking money as less important! Don't you think it's essential to pay people fairly for the job they do??? Bosses!!!! get real...we employee need fair compensation for our services to you and your companies. When companies doing well ...don't you think ...bosses??? you need share out some profits of your compa

Short listed candidates

I was following up on my shorlisted candidates, and to my amaze all this young people really have one kind of attitude. 1st candidate - we gave her nickname of 'Tomboy' since she dress up like a boy not a girl. The 'Tomboy'gave me positive answer since she is over positive despite we painted her the tough job she is going to face, ah! I am the one feel worried on her behalf. Yu ! she is joining us on 1st Oct 2009. 2nd candidate - we gave her nickname as MD since her ambition to be MD of the company within 5 years. Very ambitious! But hey! I don't know what sort of MD she is going to since she can't even decide on taking up the offer and everything seems not so clear to her despite being told and briefed many times. I kind of not dislike her from the start since she have the potential to be one of those b@#$ in the office. My Boss like her! Whatever! she is not joining us... Thats my decision for sure! 3rd candidate - we called her 'snow white' since she

How to cure Exam Fever?

I am scare right now! Tomorrow is the day. I have been praying for Saturday to over soon but same time afraid to face it! Sound contradicting ? Last week, I on leave on Friday suppose to at least do some revision but end up pampering myself with head massage treatment and nice predicure. Whats new with Rina.? She just love to treat herself good stuff! hahah What should I do today? I can't concentrate in even read the stuff! Butterflies butterflies flying in my tummy.. I guess only pampering myself can keep me calm and feel good right now and face tomorrow with confidence. Yeah! going out to buy good pen and also visit to nearest salon for hair wash & blow and nice head massage. mmmm my head will feel as light as cotton and the feeling on floating in the air after nice head massage. Ah! damage to my purse again but anything make me feel calm and good. Why not? I work hard for all this.. what stop me??? nothing... Jia You ! Jia You ! Rina you can do it tomorrow.. I gone through t

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