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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Again today people ask me on why I am still single? Goshhhh... why are they so curious? Its normal for not married these days...boooyyyahhhhh!!!!! THAT FELLA : Why are you still single? Me a bit taken a back but still remain calm. ME : life getting married is part of life but not that important in today's life. hahahahaha.....that fellasss gave me a big laugh. THAT FELLA : Don't you ever feel like you want to settle down especially at this age? Damn you!!!! is getting married is something to proud off to this spinster in front of you???? Yeay heart start cursing him badly and seriously if that moment is not an interview...I would have walk out and give him that 'bloody hell face'! ME : Oh well...we all human have own preference though. Some people get married and divorce, many get married and have love many other people at the same time, many live happily ever after too. Many prefer to live alone too.  I would marry

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