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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Travel to Kaohsiung, Taiwan : 7 Things to do at Cijin Island

Cijin Island Kaohsiung is just a small Island and you can easily cover this Island in a day. It just within less 10 minutes Ferry ride from Kaohsiung Harbour. If you are driving this place is also can be reached by car.  Cijin Island attractions : * Tianhou Temple * Cihou Lighthouse * Cijin Seashore Park * Windpower Park * Museum How to go to Cijin Island ? * Take the Orange Line Metro and get off at Sizihwan (R01) * Take Exit 1 and turn left and walk straight to the end. * Then turn right and walk straight and you won't miss the Ferry Terminal sign. If I am not mistaken it call Gushan Ferry Pier. * Just join the queue at the entrance with other people. I went there in the late morning so not many people yet.  * I just tap ipass and get the entrance fee cheaper . Yeayyyy!!!! You still can pay cash though. But its a hassle since you need to put exact amount into the box. If you don't have exact change , there are someone who will change mone

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