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Great Weekend

I finished my 1st assignment last Saturday and submitted on Sunday morning. Now I have one more to go. Hope to finish off by this Friday. I am still in honey moon period hahaha yup! got carried away since finished one assignment. My purse does my handbag :( Yesterday visited Sg Wang to get one purse. LV hahaha dont really want to get LV but somehow bought it and only realise its LV. RM30 worth of LV what the heck! hihihih fake LV!!! Can't get bag that i wanted ,so no handbag settle with old old one from my box. Thought of going to Food Republic @ Pavillion for my favourite Ipoh Curry Laksa. Somehow too full of people and got no place to sit at all. I remembered my friend Brandom open one 'Little Ben' @ Pavillion . Walk towards 'old town' and found my friend's restaurant there. mmm love the set up. Very nice! I settle with Nasi Dagang and Sailor Mee and also lemon grass tea. Splendid! The food was marvellous! Right now! I just got carried away and entert

I wish U wish

This morning, almost late than usual due to overslept... Not because I overworked myself but overdreamt lol.. Yup! suppose to do my assignment but end up watching Lee Min Hoo. I wish I live in that world! I know its all fantasy but don't you think its nice to make it reality..mmmm wonderful life! I don't wish myself as Jan Di the girl character. Yeah! character a lil bit the same clumsy, silly and temper! But I don't really have that much courage like her... Today line up 3 candidates to come in for interview from different post. 2 for accounts position and 1 for trainee. End up 1 call said grandma pass away. 1 turn up and the other one said too busy to come today. What the heck??? I wish this people realise how disappointed I am today! The accounts fella... how to say ya... reason leaving current company because he is married and now have kids and need more money! When asked what have you done to upgrade yourself in order to earn more money? The answer is nothing! Simple a

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