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Control Freak Boss

Did you ever work with control freak boss before? I did! Who are this control freak boss? They are : Micro Manager Driver controller slave driver Well, people in these days and age, jobs are not easy to knock the door upon and we might deal with it rather than just quitting! I know its hard, let us try our best,ok? I once worked with this boss who breathing behind my back 24 hours. The control not just on your work but also on weekend which suppose to be our off day. No boss day! And would want to know who you eat with ,where you go, what you doing and more and more to report to.   During office hours is worst! He even control on the way I answer call and the way I replied to phone calls. Every single thing need to be approved even the way you do thing. Sorry! basically I am just a puppet. That was on my 1st month working with him. Oppsss! forgot to mentioned when I am about to join him, one of person I met in industry had warned me about him.

Streetsmart or Booksmart

Today interviewed 2 candidates for accounts position. Both are fair candidates with different quality. If the position opens for 2 vacancies , I may offer them both. However, I only need one person. One a diploma holder with 2 years working experience and streetsmart character (more like my character). She only available after one month notice. The other one fresh Bachelor Degree in Accountancy and still looking for 1st job. She is one ambitious girl and look professional and no doubt trainable. She available immediately. although I need replacement immediately, but yet after discussion with my colleague, both of us agreed to wait for the streetsmart. Reason being , we need somebody who really can handle situation and strong to face the challenge.Deep in my heart hope we made the right decision. Spoken to him again, ahhhh!!!! still can't let go. My attitude is my biggest weakness! I also cannot let go. I wish I can just close both eyes or at least have guts to ignore and close one

Monkey Story

Reading newspaper every morning is like stabbing knife straight to my heart. It is very painful to read Auditor's General Report. Every sentence you read your mind will think out aloud. Ah! thats all the money goes. Ah! this ah! that..... but can't write it in this blog or they will arrest me or something. I don't know. I am just an ordinary lady who mean no harm and just want to lead a normal life peacefully. Let God judge and punish what they are doing or did. Why the title is monkey story? Why is it that some managers are typically running out of time while their staffs are typically running out of work? It seemed that everyone in the company needed something from you yesterday, things that might have been important to them but had little time to do with getting your job done.and when you are trying to focus on one matter here we goes you would be inevitably be interrupted to attend to another. By the time you took care of all the paperwork, meetings and interruptions th

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