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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Monkey Story

Reading newspaper every morning is like stabbing knife straight to my heart. It is very painful to read Auditor's General Report. Every sentence you read your mind will think out aloud. Ah! thats all the money goes. Ah! this ah! that..... but can't write it in this blog or they will arrest me or something. I don't know. I am just an ordinary lady who mean no harm and just want to lead a normal life peacefully. Let God judge and punish what they are doing or did.

Why the title is monkey story?

Why is it that some managers are typically running out of time while their staffs are typically running out of work?
It seemed that everyone in the company needed something from you yesterday, things that might have been important to them but had little time to do with getting your job done.and when you are trying to focus on one matter here we goes you would be inevitably be interrupted to attend to another. By the time you took care of all the paperwork, meetings and interruptions there was no time left to implement some of ideas you had for improving you own operation.
Here you goes have to work extra hours everyday and almost every weekend too!
You dont have time to see your friends or family or even spend time for yourself.
Eat Sleep walk talk work work work work and work.

Isn't life is short?

If you are Manager , you may experience this.

When you talk to friend or others they may said this... its all about time management....

For me its all about monkeys.....

Why monkey?

You imagine this you are walking towards the pantry to get some nescafe to wake your brain up, then half way to your room one of your staff stop you and said,

Staff A : Miss , please help me to talk to Mr Tan our supplier they dont want to process our order if we dont make 50% payment upon confirmation. My problem is our accounts dept will be able to give us the cheque by end of next week but our marketing dept need the items urgently by this week for our event.

(While both your staff A and you were standing talking there are one monkey standing in between with one leg on your shoulder and the other one on your staff A shoulder.)

You : OK! I will try to talk to him and get to you soon.

(The moment you said OK, both of monkey leg were on your shoulder.and the monkey follow you back to your room)

Then when you are in your room one intercom came in , one of other head dept were saying he need help to do some of his urgent matter and your reply to him , ok I will see what I can do for you. Here goes another monkey on your shoulder.

By lunch time , more monkeys on your shoulder and you dont even have time to go out for lunch.

You can see most of your staff or other subbordinates happily out for lunch and here you are dont even have time to eat or even leave your station to pack your lunch.

when lunch time is over, you still stuck there in your room trying to finish deal with all the monkeys. suddenly , Staff A pop up in your room and ask

Staff A : Boss you talk to Mr Tan?

You : Ah! not yet dear. I will get back to you later.

Staff A : Hurry ar Boss! urgent la

Hello! are you working for them or they are working for you?
When you hire all these people they are suppose to lighten up your burden. Not give you more burden.

Remember this... All monkeys must be handled at the lowest organisational level consistent with their welfare!

The best way to develop responsibility in people is to give them more responsibility...

To educate the monkeys.... recommend, then act... act, then advise

Assigning involves a single monkey; delegation involves a family of monkeys... hahahaha can you imagine these monkeys???

and for your other lazy ass subbordinates....

Things not worth doing are not worth doing well!

Do you think you learn something from this monkey story?

Do a little of thinking and you will get what I am trying to happens everyday in our life.

Try to relate to this monkey story and I believe you could be good and effective manager. Not just efficient but effective!!!!


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