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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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My 1st Dose Sinovac Experience

I bet some of us are nervously waiting for our turn to get vaccinated. I was there once. I registered mine on 1st March 2021. I received a notification on 3 July 2021 for the 1st dose vaccine appointment on 6 July 2021. The place is the mega vaccine place and it was my first time to be at that place. Ever since my back injured at the workplace on 25 May 2021, this will be my first time driving long hours. I was a bit nervous about my health condition, though! I was so positive my back is recovering well. Now, I have to drive, walk and sit for long hours. I seriously concern about this more than the vaccine. Everything went smoothly for me. I manage to find the place easily. Then parked my car in the open parking space. I need to pay RM3 for that. To be honest my appointment was at 2pm. I reached around 12:30 noon. Not a big deal. By 1:30pm, I was walking back to my car. To be honest, that place is super mega big. I have to walk quite a lot. I was so worried about the aftermath of the w

Which Covid-19 Vaccines Should I take?

  I am not sure about you but personally, feel confused about the many types of vaccines available. It's not that we are spoiled with choices. It just a matter of what good and suitable for our body. I bet many of us want the best for ourselves and our family. Do you know that the concept now is to take as it is or wait for your turn again?  When the Malaysian Government announced on the AstraZeneca vaccines will be a giveaway on a voluntary basis, I was sceptical. I can't make the decision at all. While all my family members snatch out the opportunities, here I am still unable to make my own decision. I just can't decide on this at all. Why? Lack of knowledge and so ignorant on getting to know what is what. At least, I want to know where is the origin of this vaccine and the success rate of the trial and much more information needed. Another consideration needed is whether this is suitable for an Asian body since we live in different climates and so on. Did I think too muc

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