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My 1st Dose Sinovac Experience

Sinovac Vaccine effects

I bet some of us are nervously waiting for our turn to get vaccinated. I was there once. I registered mine on 1st March 2021. I received a notification on 3 July 2021 for the 1st dose vaccine appointment on 6 July 2021. The place is the mega vaccine place and it was my first time to be at that place.

Ever since my back injured at the workplace on 25 May 2021, this will be my first time driving long hours. I was a bit nervous about my health condition, though! I was so positive my back is recovering well. Now, I have to drive, walk and sit for long hours. I seriously concern about this more than the vaccine.

Everything went smoothly for me. I manage to find the place easily. Then parked my car in the open parking space. I need to pay RM3 for that. To be honest my appointment was at 2pm. I reached around 12:30 noon. Not a big deal. By 1:30pm, I was walking back to my car. To be honest, that place is super mega big. I have to walk quite a lot. I was so worried about the aftermath of the whole journey that day.
From the car park, I just follow one guy who is on the way to pick up his mother. It was his first time too. 
I asked his permission to follow him until the entrance. He was ok with me tagging along. Along the way, I got to know he is a frontline. Working in the lab at one of the University Hospital. Meaning he has completed his doses, Pfizer of course!

Reached the entrance, said thank you to him for being friendly to me. Then when at the entrance the usher will guide you on where to go from there. That place as I mentioned is so huge, So from that entrance, I was accompanied by another lady. She has the same appointment as mine. So, we decided to tag along and be together till the end. Not bad after all. Although, I have been lacking of human contact ever since they locked down and whatever movement control, I still have that social skill in me. Hoyeayyyy!!!

Oh! I don't even know what vaccine, I am getting until reach the place. Yeayyyy! I received Sinovac as I wanted.

When my turn at the Doctor, to get the jab. I told the Doctor to jab on my right hand because I am a leftie. hehehe..The Doctor laughs at me. Whatever la....

I received my 2nd dose appointment right away which is by end of this month.

Any side effects after the first dose of the Sinovac vaccine?

I would say no at all. Nothing at all. In fact, I woke fresh the next morning. I sleep well at night too. Oh, it was my third day when typing this blog entry. Not like any other vaccine which gives you diarrhoea, big appetite, fever and other suffering sicknesses. The Sinovac kind of working this naturally. I feel better every day.

The only sad thing for me was, on the second day, I woke up with my waist down feeling super painful. It was my back due to long hours driving and walk quite a distance. and sit long hours too. Yeahhhh... this is my personal existing back pain. It came back. I can't bend. Having problems even sitting on the toilet bowl. I can't even sit. So end up designing a form using a laptop while lying like a superman. WTH! 

This morning the pain is lesser than yesterday but still suffering. I think I am not able to work in the office ever again. Accepting my fate with an open heart.

Tips for those who are going for vaccine appointments.

1. Bring your own pen

2. Standby some water to drink too

3. Be humble and remain friendly to others around you. (Jangan la stuck up sangat)

4. Remain patient and calm at all times

5. If you are covid positive, please cancel the appointment and wait for a new date. The place you should be in the hospital to get treated. Not to get a vaccine. Common sense la weiiiiiii... That one also needs to teach meh????

To be honest the day after my appointment there was this incident of a mother and daughter came to the vaccine canter (yeah...the one I went). Both are covid positive. No sure why the system unable to detect this.  Both went all the way to the level where they suppose to get vaccinated. Both cause the others vaccine procedures to get halt. The centre has to be sanitized. I won't say these two did a foolish act. It's a selfish act indeed, both mother and daughter.

There is another case, I heard from a friend. The whole family was positive covid. Most of them have vaccine appointments, during quarantine time. One of the brothers, cut off the pink bracelet and went to get his vaccine. WTH! This type of person endanger others and don't deserve sympathy if the worst scenario happened to them. Why? They are selfish. Why care about selfish people? They reap what they sow.


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