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Xmas Dinner@Alexis 19 Dec 2009

We meet once a year. Normally nearer to Xmas or New Year. Its been almost 5 years we know each other. starting from working at the same place called PWR Design Sdn Bhd. The place that given me opportunity to enter Media & Advertsing Industry. Since most of us had left the company with our own personal reason, we promise each other to meet again at least once a year. Starting from year 2007 with 5 of us at Delicious, Bangsar (Brandom, Jamie, Wai Gin, Pat & Myself). Then 2008 with only 4 of us at Chulo, Jaya One PJ (Brandom, Jamie, Wai Gin & Myself). This year down to 3 of at Alexis ,Garden MidValley. Hope next year we meeyt again and the number will not reduce. Thank you to Jamie & Brandom for giving me piece of their personal advise on how horrible I look this year. Yes! my study & work really eating me up. Like I promise you people... next year I will meet you people with new me. Ahahahahah... you just wait for new me... next year is the year for me to beautify mys

Cam Whore week

Done with my SCS group assignment - portion. Thought of continue with my individual SCS assignment. I am too tired. My health condition really getting worst. Very heaty. Cough and my voice totally out. Dare not talk in public! Whole day in front of computer squeezing my brain juice out totally need a compensation. A friend asked me out for a dinner! Well here the story goes..... Cam Whore - episode 1 Cam Whore - episode 2 Cam Whore - episode 3... its not the end... more and more garlic soya sauce? SE Energy tumbler The damage for my sumptious dinner at Pepper Lunch , Pavillion Cam Whore - Episode 4 Beef Pepper Rice on hot plate After the mixing... well like the fried rice le... with lots of pepper... kind of nice though due to its simplicity taste! Cam Whore - Episode 5 Wholemeal Siew Pau & Custard Pau... very soft... delicious to eat it hot.. RM1 each @ Pak Hailam Kopitiam @ Sg Wang Lower Ground -wish could eat more Too ful to try their Chicken Rice but look good Cam Whore -

Xmas 2009

I have been sick kitten for almost a week. I am now still sick , no voice and body feel overheat. My assignments.... I have not start anything. Thought of rejuvenate for tonight and start tomorrow. Hope it comes true and God give me full energy to start somewhere... God Bless! This is my Xmas 2009 for me. Not a good one but I feel bless at least my life still good compare to others...


Above are all gift received for this Xmas. I forgot to include another one which is from Jamie the love necklace. Boss gave me laptop bag (where is the laptop?) Mel - My new Iphone casing KC - Black pashmina Brandom - Anna Sui Pouch & one Japanese limited edition SWEET Magazine Jamie - Love silver necklace & incent burner Myself - Iphone & SE Tumbler (Energise water) Not like many other month of Dec in previous year, this year Dec is the most hectic for me. I normally see Dec as month of holiday and festive but this year I have been working for 2 Public Holidays in a row. I hate it! I have back to back assignments and I have not even have chance to start any of it. My health getting worst! Since yesterday night I was down with bad migraine and bad sore throat. Then here comes high fever! I feel a lot better now but still need some rest for tomorrow and day after tomorrow battle. Last night , although not feeling good I forced myself to be present at our yearly Xmas dinner.

Dec 2009 - Weekend 1

Month of Dec 2009 , as mentioned in my previous entry, month of the deadlines and I almost dead here. Friday night been sitting in front of computer doing my MRC assignment. Saturday morning until late afternoon been sitting in front of the computer still working on my MRC assignments. Ahhhh! when can I complete this???? Went for my jaw accupuncture treatment in the evening and went for dinner at Cheras Sakae Sushi. Thought of going for Ninja Assasin but not in the mood! Sunday still spending time for my MRC assignments. Ah! this is the worst assignment ever. Take almost 2 weeks to finish this one. SCS group assignments , presentation for coming class this week. No news from any of my group member. Scary though! What happen to all of them or am I the only one so nervous! I have no choice to take innitiative again. I send out email to all of them for my topic suggesttion coca cola - recycle bottles! hope to receive feedback by tomorrow from all of them. Sunday brunch is BBQ Chicken! mmm

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