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Will I be remembered

Once I heard this from a friend around 7 years ago... Friend : Na! (she call me Na short form from Rina) I feel I am getting old. Me : Why? You are just 26 years old! Friend : I remember last year when I read newspaper I will start with Metro section page and then National then sports. But lately I started with Obituary. I hope not to see anybody I knew here. I don't response to her at all but just stare at her with my blank face. That time , all this doesn't make any sense to me. But today, I can feel it! I was reading the newspaper and then obituary section. Looking for the dead. The announcement from the love ones. I also hope I will never come across anybody I know in this section. Maybe my time will come soon....God want remind me to be a good lady and I am on the way to see him soon...... You never know. Maybe later? tomorrow ?or maybe next week? or next month? or next year? It can happen anytime he like to call me. One post really touch to my heart and soul. It is on Dan

Life is still extreme

Yeay!!!!! holiday..... so happy. I slept around 1am last night and thought of get myself over the line until at least 10am. Urgghhhhh! suddenly my shontelle 'Perfect nightmare' ringing to my ears. uwwaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Only 7.40am woooorrrrr!!!! Boss what you want??? I want to sleep!!!! I want to roll and roll again on my bed. Its still early!!!1 My heart protest before answer his call. Yeah! call me when he is on the way to airport. Last night already in communication over sms until almost 10.30pm. Miss me too much. hahaha... ok ok I give you chance until I get you one hot babe as your PA. Then I can get my life back. cindyrina!!!! Fighting!!!! I thought of continue rolling like a spring roll on the bed but then decided to on my Zumba exercise. Yeay! lets Zumba!!!!! I thought of doing some cleaning later on... as usual when it come to that , suddenly I feel sick!!!! hehehehe one sickness call L A Z Y!!! I end up continue my research on Bunion and try to find the best treatment and

It is dark

I was very angry when I reached home and found out somebody occupied my parking lot. Make thing uglier when that car dont even have parking sticker. This mean who ever this animal is never even contribute a single sen to the maintainence fees. I was very upset. I question the nepalese guard guarding to our unit. He were saying he went to toilet less than 5 minutes ago. I told hime to clamp that bloody car. But was told by this guard that 1st offence they will issue warning letter and subsequently the will follow with clamp. What the hell is that mean? So this arsehole will only get a red letter? And I am suppose to park my car outside near to the fence? Best thing is trhe guard even told me to come again to check on my parking. Wakakakakaka.... my blood boiling likegoing t0o explode. I am tired and now I am suppose to get punishment from other people selfishness???? God is fair or not fair now? What mistake have I done this time to get this kind of punishment? I can't scold the gua

Time is slow

Am I the only one or many people out there experience the same? I feel time is very slow during difficult time. I just want to pass this period soonest possible. I know this may sounds crazy.... I want to jump to 4th Quarter soonest possible. wink wink hehehe... yeah! sounds a bit too much! My weekend started as early as 7.30am when he woke me up with certain issue he is facing. mmmm... whatever I just trying my best to help him. Ok ok ... I will treat this as I am paying off my debts. Hopefully my next life will be better. I then off to my appointment in PJ. On the way there received a distress call. A bit confusing on this story. When we are trying to help and people refused. Nothing much we can do! When people label you as disturbing their life and judging them and in fact your intention is to help them , you then feel ... whatever.... I am not at lost! I will just move on with my life. Your life is yours... you are responsible to whatever decision you made and face it! My life is m

Proud to be myself

EPP Bonanza - 19 projects and development to contribute RM67billion in investment and will create 35,000 jobs. Just look at the list of 19 companies involve in this EPP under ETP and think deeper. I can't comment here. Just think deeper again the 35,000 jobs opening soon how this will be filled? Think and think harder as Malaysia. Who will be benifited? Just think deeper are all this while all these are well distributed among Malaysian or just limited to certain level??? Think again.... As Malaysian, I worked hard since I was 19 years old. Worked like donkey and with every sen I save up to finance my own study. Where I am now, I really proud of myself but not as Malaysian but just myself. Malaysia is not a bad country and we are among the bless one but it could been better. Anyway, let us all pray for the better for everybody! mmmm... today's work , was stuck in meeting for almost 4 hours and a half meeting. So damn sleepy but have to pretend as if I am fully awake and recharge

Bloody messy

Today is my 1st day back to full time office work. Urggghhhhh!!!! that is all come out from me, hahaha... Yeah! I am so not in the mood. For the sake of my year end trips I am doing this! Not for other reason...only that motivate me to attend to his request for help. My mind is getting more complicated and the mess in this place seriously cannot help anymore. Minimise the mess that is all we can do. As mentioned , need to keep calm and just do whatever I can. This evening when I was driving back , I unintentionally blocking way to mosque entrance. I can't help it . I was at turning and the car in front of me suddenly stop. On the other side there was this black perodua alza trying to enter the mosque. I believe he is going to this mosque to pray... Since I am blocking his way, he honk me like I am committing the biggest sin. Argh! I just look at him and out of sudden he showed me his middle finger. I just look away.... and laugh and in my heart I was thinking something more fun

Small appreciation

I have been working with many bosses for my 16 years working experience through out my life. Some I label them as evil, witches,bitches,stupid, idiot and not to forget the most charming one :) Yeah! I am trying to be honest here. Not all of us love the person we work with. Most of the time we bitch about them. Why? May be we failed to understand why they behave in such a way and make us hate them. Try to be boss on your own and feel the pain of people to hate you. You are not boss if everybody loves you. You are a boss if you have a combination of hate and love. (my opinion only ok) Well among all the bosses, I have one boss that I wish I could understand him more. He is not the most perfect Boss and he has his own limitation too. I remember him because there is some chemistry that I feel when with him which is still mystery until now.I guess it is also call fate. He support me all the way by giving me good recommendations for my MBA course (I graduated last year) and to all headhunte

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