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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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I always worry about being on the high risk side whenever I drive back to my home town. 4 hours driving on the highway with all those reckless fast and furious drivers, sleepy head lorry drivers, the big gigantic conqueror bus drivers.....really make me feel so scared to death. I normally go back early in the morning because I hate the heavy traffic and I cannot drive under the hot sun. I can't drive at night too because I have bad vision! isk isk isk ..IMA have many limitations...aging woman driver on the road! I have no choice....because my parent live up to the north side and I need to visit my old parent! isk isk isk ...not easy to full fill my duty as responsible daughter! When I was driving back to the north on Saturday early morning, I encountered many reckless drivers whom I guess their house or home town got wheels and they are in the midst of chasing their runaway house! WTH! They drove fast on the emergency lane and suddenly cut in out of sudden. Well.


My dearest Elana Khong extended beauty workshop invitation to me again. Thanks Elana! You can visit Elana at her blog This time we have a great afternoon delight experiencing 3 beauty brands; namely EVELOM , PERRICONE MD and TALIKA at SVAGO,Suria KLCC. EVELOM - created 28 years ago by Eve Lom herself, a world's leading facial therapist. She believes that a foundation to a beautiful skin starts with deep and thorough cleansing. This is the key to a radiant complexion. TALIKA - Talika is unexpected discovery in 1948 and its mission to develop and formulate beauty products to meet the expectation of every woman. Each Talika products lies a story , based on discovery, science and intensive research and with clinically proven results. Talking about Talika....I just wrote about it last week on their Eye Detox Gel . You can visit my last month post on how to diminish black eye and puffiness here, http://princesscindyr


As we move through life, it is hard for us to avoid things that cause regret and disappointment.  We may lack the strength to change this ....but what we can change is the attitude with which we approach all these setbacks. Since it is impossible to avoid regrets in our lives, the attitude we adopt towards these regret is extremely important. A different attitude can result in a completely different quality of life. There are many things in our lives that are not as we would wish. Sometimes they are neither rational nor fair! We may lack of strength to change them, but we can change our feelings and attitude. Looking at things in this way, we can say that people see whatever is in their heart! If as a person we cannot accept these regrets, what kind of consequences will lead to in future???? I wonder... If a person's inner heart is free from worries, indecision and fear, they will naturally have fewer complaints about the world around them and their


I created this one for my quick dinner too. It really delicious and you can get your dinner within 10 minutes. This recipe is so easy and simple. Ingredients : * Organic Atta Noodles (atta flour use to make Chapati and this flour is good source of protein and fiber. This noodles also good for diabetics patient) * Brocoli * Shitake mushrooms * Grape Tomatoes * Garlic * Olive Oil * Japanese Sesame Sauce (I use Kewpie Japanese Sesame Sauce) 1st Step : Boiled Atta Noodles - then drained the noodles and put in bowl 2nd Step - Boiled Brocoli to soften or if you like it crunchy just boil it for a while - Drained the water and then put  broccoli on top of noodles. 3rd Step : This step is optional. You can just boil shitake mushrooms and tomatoes. - I love it sauteed. - Sauteed Garlic with olive oil until fragrance - Add in Shitake mushrooms and Grape Tomatoes - Dash in salt and pepper for seasoning - Then top the sauteed ingredients on top of noodles


If you are fond of using social media and you are like most of the time in it....then it is wiser to monetize you freaking passion. There are many ways to monetize your passion...however, please be careful there are many scam as well. So..chose wisely! Since my google adsense was blocked and the earnings got ripped off just before I can even withdraw my first earnings...I feel so upset about this until now and since then I've been trying to find ways for my blog to be more prosper with some interesting ads. One of my blogger friend introduce me to 8share.  WHAT IS 8SHARE ? 8share is a private rewards club of Malaysian social media users who can earn cash for sharing link of advertisers campaigns to friends. It can be links of videos, movie trailers, contest, events and promos. WHO CAN JOIN 8SHARE? Well..... anyone can join 8Share if you are residing on the followings countries: Malaysia, India, Philipines,Singapore and Indonesia. If you reside outside ment


Last Friday night, while I am trying to sleep....It was a long day for me. So I am really freaking tired that night. Trying to sleep well....then... One SMS came through at 11:47pm. At first I don't feel like want to even look at it.   However...since I am one fella who can't let go thing easily. I have a quick look with one eyes open. " StanChart:Purchase of USD89.90 from card ending XXXX on 26/9/2014 at 11:29PM. Available credit XXXXX. Visit" My both eyes wide open...WTH!!!! OMO! OMO! Which ghost is digging into my purse and have a happy shopping free online with my credit card???? WTH!!!! What should I do??? What if another USD1k pop out??? I think I would faint!!!! OK..relaxxxx...don't panic! My last transaction using this card was on the same day afternoon to reload my starbuck card. I dig out my purse and took out my credit card for bank phone number. Calmly explained to the Customer Service. The


Finally I found something to reduce my inheritance panda eyes problem!!!! Yeah...been using many products to achieve at least 50% visible results for my dark circle problem..isk isk isk ...born panda eyes...imagine baby eyes like panda...thats me...when I was a baby....What nonsense????  hahahaha IMA took more than 2 months to review because IMA cannot do the review after one day use this item right!!!!IMA also try to have good sleep at night too for better result. Before purchasing this item, IMA read a review from others and many said not working and such a waste and bla bla bla bla bla... IMA decided not to get so much influence from these reviews. Different people different preferrence...and that is their what???? Dare myself to invest some cash and treat myself well...WTH!!!! Talika is eye care specialist since year 1948. This brand has created ,eye detox contour gel and eye detox purifying capsules just to help treatment under eye-puffiness and dark c

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