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My first camera is Canon! Yeayyyy!!! Then when I was invited for Canon EOSM10 X RILAKKUMA launching event, I was like...hurayyyyy!!! Why? Goshhhh!!! Rilakkuma is a teddy bear and whoever been reading my blog will know I am a teddy bear lover. WTH! Canon + Rilakkuma = Princess Cindyrina  Canon EOSM10 X Rilakkuma is a special limited edition box set , bundled up with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy. Super excited? What's so special about Canon EOSM10? * High performance mirrorless interchangeable -lens camera * Compact and lightweight series * 18.0 megapixels APS-C sensor * Fast hybrid CMOS AF II systems * Designed for perfect selfies * Super duper convenient self portrait mode features with only one-touch beautification shortcut that offers a skin smoothing effect.  * Wi-Fi features with seamless sharing on social media platforms Price Canon EOSM10 starts at RM1,999.  You can get this camera for FREE? Read below to kn


Just sharing this to who ever happen to drop by this site. Not that I have many fan here though. Anyway, if you stumble upon this site by accident, I am a lady who love to share my experience to others.  Recently, Gobdigoun a brand from Seoul, South Korea sent me a box of face mask to add to my beauty regime. I tried for 7 days consecutive night before sleep.  Sharing to you my experience and what this Placenta Power , Goddigoun did to my skin. WTH! Results after using Gobdigoun Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask : Tadaaaaa!!!! the results are just gorgeous! I feel my skin really pumped up boink! boink!My skin look freshen up, smooth and brighten up. I kind of love it on how it hydrating feeling and the moist it become. No more dry and a healthy looking skin just born. WTH! It does increase elasticity and diminishing fine lines. Though it gives the whitening effect which I think this won't come like in short period of usage. It require frequent mask moment in


Last week , I went down to get my self bottle of warm soy bean near my office. Me : Uncle! one warm soy bean without sugar? Uncle : No sugar ar.... Me : Yup! How much? Uncle : Good Body!  ( replied without looking at me since he is busy preparing my order) Me : huh! Why so pervert one this Uncle...aissshhhh!!! I so sexy meh??? Me : Uncle! how much ar??? Uncle : Good Body ! Replied without looking at me. He still busy packing my order. This uncle ??? Wanna flirt with me.... aishhhhh...I just gave him RM10/- note since this Uncle keep wanna flirt with me. People ask price properly...just give proper answer la...haisssshhh... Good Body! Good Body! I am so angry and embarrassed at that time. What is this???  I still fat...what???? Don't think I have good body! You teasing me on purpose is it??? Uncle : Your change, Amoy. Thank you ar! Me : oooo..welcome!  (still feel upset) I took my change counted the balance which is amou


Recently, my wrinkles really shows a lot. Gosh! I feel like aging is catching me up super turbo fast! I was like damn! Can you...aging slow down a little? I have many things to do with my youth...isk isk isk *face palm*  Then...I was approached by Gobdigoun to try out their product. Gobdigoun is a brand selling at Myeong-Dong , Seoul South Korea in LG Brand skin care product store. Gobdigoun has been around since year 2010 where they started business in South Korea. I was told compare to lower price skin care products in Korea , Gobdigoun products are with high quality and middle higher price products. Among their best items are Australian Placental Powder of Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask which also a best selling products in China, Taiwan and Japan.  They sent 2 Gobdigoun products for me to try. Gobdigoun 24k Power Placenta  Golden Cream Gosh! never in my life received this kind of luxurious face cream. Look at the unique shape and beautiful elegant golden color


My main reason to visit Hualien last April is experience and witness this best little secret of Taiwan, Mukumugi Valley. This little valley is extra ordinary natural beauty place and part of my bucket list before I leave this world soon. WTH! Got bucket list some more? hehehehe I was a bit nervous when I read this place was closed due to typhoon damage. I thought I will never get to accomplish one of my list. Tried my luck and...phewwwww...I was lucky because it re open during my recent trip. Mukumugi is a remote place and this is a home for aboriginal tribe who is famous for its traditional knife works. The owner of the place I stayed in Hualien was amaze that I visited this place. Bet not many people know this place and even local like him also never been here. Assaaaaaaaa!!!! HOW TO GET TO MUKUMUGI? Mukumugi valley located in Tongmen Village which is about 20 km from Hualien City. It really a remote place.No public transport unless you rent a scooter or hire a c


Recently, I was invited to launch preview by AmorePacific Malaysia of its latest brand Mamonde. Mamonde is a french word for 'My World'. AmorePacific is not new in beauty products to name some of very well known brand under the same wings are Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree and Sulhwasoo Mamonde is expecting to reach to our Malaysian shores in August 2016 with the opening of its beauty counter in Aeo Bandar Utama. Since Mamonde origin from South Korea, it has launched in U.S, China, Thailand and Malaysia. If I am not mistaken Malaysia is the second country they launhed after China. The event was like a fairy tales to me. We were walked to the ' Mamonde Garden ' full of blooming flowers. Flowers theme is synonyms to Mamonde since it product formulation use the flower science technologies and its floral properties.  One can imagine what is the scents of these products. I love the lovely scents of the flowers. I was told Mamonde's skincare is th


How many of you have heard about ampoule?  Ampoule contains highly concentrated active ingredients which easily penetrate into skin. Many thinks ampoule and serum is the same in fact both function is almost similar. Well they're not quite the same because the difference is the amout of active ingredients and the molecule size of the active ingredient and its size is smaller than in the serum. Conclusion is ampoules are more potent than serums! My skin condition was terrible when I just came from Taiwan trip. hehehehe...I tried to pack to minimal and end up with the only facial wash, toner and emulsion. No, moisturize or even eye gel. isk isk skin type is super dry too. So the result was that on the photo...super dry and rough skin. I was lucky to receive this sponsor from DocLab to try out Premium Face Ampoule which contains HA Hyaluronic Acid. Well..most of us know that HA Hyaluronic Acid helps to boost skin moisture and deep hydration. I was like Y

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