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Travel to Kaohsiung : Things to do at Qingjing Grassland

Qingjing is a great place for people who love fresh air , lush forests, flowers and beautiful starry nights. This place located far away from city area in the mountains and hillsides. Oh! if you love cows and sheep then this place is a best place to interact with this farm animals. The culture at Qinjing I could say quite unique since its a combination of Taiwanese Aboriginal and Kuomintang Army Veterans who relocated here after the Chinese Civil War with their family mainly from Yunnan Province. The Weather at Qingjing Through out the day, Misty and Fog over the mountain tops and the sun will appears to rise from sea of clouds at dawn. Best time to walk in the afternoon. The weather can be chilly. Dress warm. How to go to Qingjing from Kaohsiung?  * Take HSR train at Zuoying Station to Taichung Station * From Taichung Station take bus direct to Qingjing (Please note bus will stop at Puli to take other passenger before continue the journey up to Qingjing) *

Travel to Kaohsiung, Taiwan : 7 Things to do at Cijin Island

Cijin Island Kaohsiung is just a small Island and you can easily cover this Island in a day. It just within less 10 minutes Ferry ride from Kaohsiung Harbour. If you are driving this place is also can be reached by car.  Cijin Island attractions : * Tianhou Temple * Cihou Lighthouse * Cijin Seashore Park * Windpower Park * Museum How to go to Cijin Island ? * Take the Orange Line Metro and get off at Sizihwan (R01) * Take Exit 1 and turn left and walk straight to the end. * Then turn right and walk straight and you won't miss the Ferry Terminal sign. If I am not mistaken it call Gushan Ferry Pier. * Just join the queue at the entrance with other people. I went there in the late morning so not many people yet.  * I just tap ipass and get the entrance fee cheaper . Yeayyyy!!!! You still can pay cash though. But its a hassle since you need to put exact amount into the box. If you don't have exact change , there are someone who will change mone

Travel to Kaohsiung, Taiwan : Ready to use Itinerary in Kaohsiung

Most people visit to Kaohsiung as a side trip from Taipei. I went to Taipei and Hualien on early April 2016. I regretted so much since my leg was hurting so much and unable to cover many part of Taipei. I then booked my way to Kaohsiung which is the Southern part of Taiwan. I was there for 11 Days / 10 Nights. Yup! too long for some of you thought. I have my own disability to cover this in shorter days. Use up the many number of days to travel and explore at my own phase. Ready to use itinerary if you fly to Kaohsiung : * 2 Nights - Kaohsiung * 2 Nights - Cingjing * 1 Night - Alishan (overnight at Hotel near Train Station) * 2 Nights - Sizhuo (Tea plantation Homestay) * 3 Nights - Kaohsiung  Where to go in Kaohsiung for 4 Days 3 Nights ? You don't need 5 nights like me in Kaohsiung. You are much healthier to explore Kaohsiung in shorter days. It is possible to do this in 4 Days 3 Nights. Day 1 (Full Day) * Pier 2 Art District - Modern Art Wharf * T

Tips for Non Chinese Speaking to Explore Kaohsiung

Recently, I have an opportunity to travel to Kaohsiung. As usual being a loner who love to travel alone without taking care or worry about others...I went there without any travel companion. At first was a bit worried since this is main Chinese speaking place. To be exact most of them speaking in Hokkien Dialect. Nothing new to my ears since my home town is Taiping. Most Chinese in Taiping speaking in Hokkien too. WTH! Feeling like going back hometown. If you don't know Hokkien you can speak in Mandarin and Cantonese. For me who knows only one or two words of Chinese, I just opt to use google apps translation tools and also body language. I love Kaohsiung since this place is less chaotic. Not many cars and people here are more calm and relax. I feel so much of ease everywhere I walk. Here are some tips for those Non Chinese speaking who are traveling to Kaohsiung.   1. Get iPass   You can get iPass at Kaohsiung airport. The counter opposite Starbuck and visit

You need just A Day to cover the whole Labuan

I was a Labuan last 2 weeks and what I miss is not the place but the awesome beautiful view over there. I think can spend hours just to look at the cotton candy like clouds and smells the fresh sea breeze. The beach view is spectacular to my eyes.  My Boss sent me over to Labuan for some works. At first he wanted to stay there for a week which I gladly shorten it down for him to save the accommodation cost. Thank God! for my quick common sense to shorten it down. If I don't do that...I think my life at Labuan will be boring to death!  Ahhhhh... how to describe Labuan with one words at one glance?  Layback! The memory of Taiping, my hometown where I grew up 15 years ago keep coming back. Am I back to the past? I feel like slapping myself to that when even see their so called the most famous and best shopping complex. WTH! Where to visit in Labuan ? Financial Park Labuan, Jalan Merdeka or 'Ujana Kewangan' in local terms ,which is where my office sit

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