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Travelogue : 3rd Day Jeju-do

9th October 2018, Tuesday Starting my 4th day in Jeju-do with another good mood again. I was thinking to visit the most talk about the place if you visit Jeju-do. I don't have the chance to visit this place in my last short trip. My first time filling up petrol into the rental car too. Next, to the petrol station, there is this big Hello Kitty Museum and Cafe. It was not open yet since still early in the morning. I just parked at the carpark leisurely since no other car except mine. I was busy snapping photos before one Ajussi talked something in Korean. He was telling me to park my car properly. huhuhuh...He must be a caretaker here. I just quickly snap a photo and drove away. Bye, Bye Ajussi. hehehehe... Osulloc Tea Museum and Innisfree Jeju House, Seogwa-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-is, Jeju-do Here I am after 30 minutes drive reached this most talks about the place in Jeju-do.Do you know AmorePacific? This company have developed many successful beauty brand

Travelogue : 2nd Day Jeju-do

7th October 2018, Sunday Saeseom Island Saeyeongo Bridge, Jeju-do First Sunday morning in Seogwipo, I drove out to Saeyeon Bridge which is around less than 10 minutes from the place I stayed. In fact, can even see this bridge from my balcony. 😂 I bought one cup of cappuccino as my breakfast. I don't take any breakfast with my hotel package. I am trying to keep my life simple possible and living with the flow. WTH! Saeyeongo Bridge is the longest pedestrian overpass which connects between Seogwipo Port and Saesom Island or Birds Island. The bridge has a major tower inspired and beautiful lights up at night too. This overpass is convenient for people to leisurely walk cross to Saesom Island which has a warm temperate forest conservation zone. The Island is just around 1.2km walking the path in a square with good wooden deck road, pebble path and for those Instagrammer, this place is worth o visit for beautiful photo zone too. This overpass design,

Travelogue : First Night Seogwipo, Jeju-do

6th October 2018, Saturday Long outstanding travelogue coming up starting today. I was so busy with my daily life and really can't find time to write any of this. This is not my first time in Jeju-do. My last trip to Jeju-do is a short trip from Busan was four years ago. I don't feel cover enough of this amazing and beautiful Island. Opportunity knocks down and here I was exploring Jeju-do for 9 Nights / 10 Days. WTH??? Super long for one small Island? For my style of travelling this is just nice to round the Island. Flight (KUL - JEJU) Started my journey early in the morning using AirAsia direct flight to Jeju-do . When AirAsia announced direct route to Jeju-do, I was like....big plan is on the way !!!  I can't even have proper sleep the night before. Nervous breakdown! kekekeke  I was not so sure if I can do this. Anyway...this is all over for me. All I have now sweet memories and sweet experience from this journey. I reached Jeju-do after m

It's Going To Be OK

This stylish doggy photo was shot by yours truly at Monsant Cafe, Aewol, Jeju-do I recently quit my job after 7 months working at that Company. This will be the shortest working stint ever for me throughout my working life. I quit without any job in hand but I am financially well prepared. While many people leave their jobs because of bosses, work environment or unfair compensation, but my biggest push factor was job satisfaction and lack of growth in what I was doing at that time. I know something goes wrong when I have no motivation and hated the workplace so much. The negative vibes in me were more than the positive one. I can sense my mental was seriously hurt. For a person who believes in live life to the fullest, this is not the right situation which I can prolong. I need to change the situation as fast as I can. To me, a short stint doesn't make an interviewee unemployable. Of course, there are some brownie points lost with this record.  I was lucky to get hea

Himalaya Salt Sports Candy Fit For Sporty Lifestyle

I am not a sporty person. If you are talking about outdoorsy...mmmmm...I am far from liking that activities too. I try to run on my treadmill at least twice a week. Now that I have more time, I tried to do it daily. My problem is once I go into an intense workout, my leg suffered bad cramps.  Recently, the creator of the Big Food Candy, Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd has officially launched its Himalaya Slat Sports Candy targeting at the sporty and outdoorsy. Made with the Himalayan Salt, this new sports candy comes in really handy should your body need some extra sodium after an intense workout.  The key ingredient of the sports candy which is the natural Himalayan Salt is believed to possess many health benefits. It contains over 80 natural traces of minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium which are all found naturally in the body. Besides promoting the absorption of mineral and nutrients into the bloodstream, the Himalayan Salt is known for helping maint

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