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Where To Stay and Eat In Jakarta

Early this year, I have an opportunity to visit Jakarta and work there for a few days. The first trip, I went with my Boss and the latest one which is early July I went for a solo working trip. It was a great experience for me especially for the culture and the variety of food that I tried out when I was there. Where I stay in Jakarta? The place I stayed is about 10 minutes walking distance to our office in Jakarta.  Century Park Hotel Address : Jl, Pintu Senayan , No. 1 RT1/RW 3 , Gelora , Kecamatan Tanah Abang , Kota Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta. Telephone : +62 21 57102041 The room is spacious and the location is so convenient except for the traffic jam. But ...which place in Jakarta is not jam?  Since I was there for a working trip and my office is just walking a distance so traffic jam is not a problem for me at all. One minus point of this hotel is whenever there is a soccer match then this place will be super crowded with the human.

Iconic New York City Excursions

Whether you’re visiting New York City for the first time or if you’re in town often, there are certain activities and landmarks that you can’t miss. Although there are multiple world-famous attractions, restaurants and museums that are definitely worth your time, consider these if you want to see the quintessential sights. Shows Spend the evening watching an enthralling show. Consider a musical featuring catchy songs and performances or a dramatic or comedic play instead. You can also check out some standup comedy, an opera, ballet or a concert at the symphony.  If you’re unsure which to pick, consult Broadway play reviews to find the shows that are beloved by critics and theatergoers alike. Statue of Liberty Check out this historic and awe-inspiring landmark in one of a variety of ways depending on your budget and the amount of time you have.   Examine the options so you’ll have the best experience – if you’re in a hurry and short on money, for instance, y

Products You Should Always Buy Organic

Buying organic products has become increasingly popular over the past decade. People are becoming more informed about the dangers of pesticides and other ingredients that are in their everyday products. Even with all of the research, there is still quite a bit of confusion as to what items are really necessary to buy organic and which ones don't make much difference. The other challenge is that organic products typically cost, so many people are reluctant to make the transition. While you don't need to switch everything you buy, here are some things you should consider getting organic.  Fruits and Vegetables This is where the most confusion comes into play. Buying all organic produce can cause your grocery bill to skyrocket and is just not necessary. Here is the list of fruits and vegetables that are worth spending the extra money on. Strawberries Spinach and Kale Peaches and Nectarines Tomatoes Apples and Pears Grapes and Cherries Potatoes Celery What

How To Earn USD Through Your Blog ?

July has been a hectic month for me. I was away from home for many days. One thing I learned throughout my journey being away from my home country, is I am able to earn cash online while away from home country. Before my travel, I have signed up to to this platform called Valued Voice. Formerly known as Link Vehicle. I don't really take them seriously when I was approached by one of the Account Manager to be part of their influencer community. I just signed up for the sake of entertaining them since they have been emailing me a few times. I got nothing to lose anyway since its a FREE SIGN UP. Its all started when I was in Jakarta and China recently, the opportunities keep coming through Valued Voice. All I need to do is to copy and paste the ready article with the link to my blog. I submit through the Valued Voice site for review and within 3 days the USD cleared to my accounts. By the way, I was at FREE Accounts subscriptions . I recently draw USD150.00 to my PayPal a

How To Choose The Best Flower Delivery?

I bet many people no matter what is your gender is...Flowers make you feel good! You may say it...out loud - I hate flowers! Flowers make me less manly! Flowers is perishable! Imagine a surprise flowers gift delivery to your doorstep out of sudden. All those statements immediately disappear. If you are feeling down at that time, you feel happy! I confidently will say this, "Flowers Effect Moods. For the receiver of the flowers, it gives you  : * Healing touch. * Less stress * Feel happy For the sender of the flowers, it portrays : * They are a thoughtful person, * Caring * Emotional Balanced individuals Conservative thinking only men sent flowers. Nowadays both men and women on many occasions will receive flowers. Since sending flowers to play a big role in feeling and emotion of both senders and receiver, hence choosing the best flower delivery is very crucial to ensure the right message conveys. How To Choose The Best Flower Delivery

Why Mooncakes is Expensive and People Still Buy?

15 August is around the corner! What so special about this date? Well, in the lunar calendar, this is the date where we observed the mid-autumn festival. You will see various types of mooncakes pop up in the restaurant, hotel and so on. What are mooncakes? Mooncake commonly round and measure approximately around 10cm (diameter) and between 3 to 4 cm thickness. The outer of mooncake is like crust made of flour, lard, salted duck eggs, syrup, oil, sugar and water which texture can be either flaky, chewy or tender. Well depends on the baker. While the filling usually a sweet paste such as red bean, lotus and seeds. Nowadays people are more creative to create a unique filling for the mooncake. Mooncakes Price can be ridiculously pricey for sweet desert due to seasonal treats. Despite the exorbitant price, mooncakes always in demand when the season comes. Why Mooncakes is Expensive and People Still Buy? 1. Perfect Branding  People commonly relate to mooncake

5 Reason Solid Wood Furnishing is The Best Option

When it comes to house deco there are many options for furniture types. Some prefer modern furnishing and for those more classical would prefer vintage and as for me, I prefer solid wood. Here are 5 reasons why I solid wood is my preference. 1. More Durable Just as it looks, solid wood is more durable. If we take good care of it properly this piece of furniture can be an antique to be passed down to the next generation.  2. Less Maintainance I know solid wood furniture tends to attract more dust and has a threat to moisture. Well, you just need to keep it dry and wipe down the dust regularly. 3. Presentable There is something about solid wood furniture since it can transform your home elegantly if you place it in a creative manner. Many interior designers would agree with me about this. 4. Better Value If you read my no.1 point solid wood is more durable and last longer. Which led to an antique pass down to the next generation and can consider a

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