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5 Different Types of Mask Sheet I have Tried

Avocado in this photo is not article related ...just to add colour for this post As ageing hits me, includes a mask sheet in my beauty routine is a must. It would be unrealistic for me to say I apply a mask sheet every night unless I was born rich or my pocket has unlimited. I try to do this at least once a week now. Those days, I don't give a damn on what material they use for my mask as long as it is cheap and serum drench and I am sold! I thought it doesn't matter at all! I was wrong after all. It does matter... Talk about cheapskate me...Recently, I have quite a free time to analyze each material the face mask made off. I was like....owhhhhh... no wonder this and no wonder that. Here are the results of my research. 5 Different Types of Mask Sheet Materials I have Tried 1. Cotton  One of the most common sheet mask materials in the market. Mostly soft white cellulose fabric material. Since it's from a plant-derived, so it safe for your delicat

Spotless Fair Skin with Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Gel

I have been staying indoors for most of the time ever since came back from Guilin trip, then being hospitalized and immobility due to my knee problem. Just in time after my immobility period is over the government issue a Movement Control Order. Means, I have been staying indoor for almost 5 months now. I was expecting a brighter skin. To my disappointment, I developed a dull skin, dry and even new dark spot has appeared out of nowhere. Gosh! Why???? I don't even stay out in the sun! I just realized I was on the smartphone and computer most of the time even when at home. The radiation causes my skin to become dull and develop a new spot. Yes! my bad...I even neglected the sunscreen application since I thought to stay indoor my skin will be safe from the sun rays. Knock my head hard for this. I should have been more careful.  Since I don't buy any skincare lately, so I just use whatever left at home. My current skincare doesn't have that brightening function. Dying

Shop Your Designer Brand Style At Reebonz and Earns A Cashback From OctaPlus

We have been under the Movement Control Order (MCO) for more than a month now. Some of you have been continuing working from home and some has been partially commuting to work. Few of you have been affected by the current slump down the global economy and lost employment. We basically have to adapt to this new norm in our life. No or less dining out. No more visiting shopping mall during the weekend.  Most shops have shifted their business module from the physical store to online. Due to this most of us has been doing the shopping craving satisfied through online shopping. As we all know, we are currently in Ramadhan month and the Raya Festive season is just a week away. The recent announcement from our Prime Minister, the Raya celebration 'Balik Kampung' are not allowed and gathering should be among the family, not more than 20 people. This doesn't mean, we neglected our appearance and abandoned our yearly Raya Style shopping habit.  It's proven by overwhelmi

[Travelogue Guilin, China] From Longji to Guilin City

It was my last day at Ping'an Village, Longsheng. I woke up with a really good sunny day weather unlike the day before. Anyway, still feeling so blessed to be able to enjoy such view and environment. You can check out my other Guilin Travelogue here : Exploring Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin City 4 hours Li River Cruise to Yangshuo Ancient Town , Xingping West Street Yangshuo, At Night 4 hours drive from Yangshuo to Longsheng Rice Terrace Don't Miss Longsheng Rice Terraces in December My usual morning breakfast here during this chilling weather is a bowl of hot vegetable noodles soup and a sunny top fried egg. I ordered a freshly local brewed mountain coffee to go with it. Perfect morning start! I requested the owner to arrange a car to Guilin City that day. In my previous post, I did mention that this place has no car access at all. A 30 minutes walk through the small alley and local housing is required. Yes! I have to climb the steep hill

Do We Need Sunscreen To Stay Indoor?

During this Movement Control Order (MCO) period, many of us diligently play our part to stay indoor. Most of us are spending our time indoors than outdoor. I bet some of us has been neglecting sunscreen in our daily skincare routine. We are all aware to apply the SPF when outdoor to avoid sunburn. How about indoor? What are we protecting from? Well, the sun's UVA rays kind of penetrate through clouds and windows too. These rays are really bad for the skin. It causes discolouration, fine lines and skin cancer too. Do you know that there are four types of lights harmful to your delicate skin? UVB (burning) rays - These rays are associated with sunburns and the beach. It can cause skin cancer if overly expose without any skin protection. UVA (ageing) rays - The most harmful since we have nowhere to hide from these rays. It penetrates through clouds when you are outdoor. It even comes in through the window if you are indoor. An enemy for our delicate skin since it

[Travelogue Guilin] Don't Miss Longsheng Rice Terrace

My last post on Guilin travelogue was on 4th May 2020. It's more than a month now. I was afraid people will disturb me with weird emails if I write on my journey during the Movement Control Order (MCO). Now that the MCO has been eased, I will continue my write up before I have totally forgotten about my journey. You can check out my other Guilin Travelogue here : Exploring Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin City 4 hours Li River Cruise to Yangshuo Ancient Town , Xingping West Street Yangshuo, At Night 4 hours drive from Yangshuo to Longsheng Rice Terrace Why Travel all the way to The Longsheng Rice Terraces? My first rice terraces view was in Bali. I was supposed to travel to Sapa last year but can't find time during the good view season. I only free by the end of the year and made this impromptu trip all the way to Guilin. I read about the Longsheng Rice Terraces (Dragon's Backbone) are famous with its extraordinaire view of rice terraces.

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