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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Morning Walk for Sustainable Independent Mobility

I don't skip my usual morning walk during Ramadhan month. I am doing this for health reasons. So far so good. I don't really feel tired because of the fasting. Just like usual morning routine. One Auntie trying to make a conversation with me. I saw her a few times during my usual morning walk.  Auntie : Amoi! Long time no see you exercise? Huh? Eh?  Me : I also long time never see you, Auntie! I every morning oso here making my usual rounds.  Auntie : Ya ka? Me : Ya lor... Auntie : I hurt my knee sometimes. Me : Oh... Hope you OK now. Auntie : Aiya.. Me old Ah soh. Me : hehehe... Bye Auntie. Continue my walk. I was at my 4km and has 1km more to go to 5km. Then as usual finish off another 2km with some cardio with outdoor exercise equipment.  What puzzled me was... Why that Auntie started conversations with long time didn't see me exercise, when she is the one who miss out on her routine.  I feel a bit insulted by that question. Hahahaha... I know... I know... I sounded like

Fernleaf Cultured Milk Drink Probiotic+

  Have you tried the new Fernleaf Cultured Milk Drink Probiotic+? Give it a try, you won't regret it! I tried the Fernleaf Probiotic Milk Drink, last weekend and I really love it. The taste is not too heavy and the sweetness is just right. Not overly sweet like any other similar type of drink. Personally, I love Fernleaf yogurt taste and was extremely excited went they produce the probiotic milk drink too. Why you should include Probiotic drinks in your daily diet? You need to replenish good bacteria for gut health! Why taking care of the gut is extremely important for overall health and well-being? The foundation of a strong body lies in a good digestive system. The gut, which primarily carries out functions like digestion, nutrient absorption, and waste excretion, can affect our overall health and well-being. Factors such as poor dietary habits, stress, unhealthy lifestyles, medication, and aging can disrupt our gut function. This can result in imbalanced gut bacteria, where too

Difference between Hyaluronic Acid vs. Glycolic Acid for skin

  Throughout my journey as a beauty product reviewer, I have applied many types of serums to my skin. Sometimes, I also forgot what is the function of all those. Most recently, I have had to review both Hyaluronic Acid and Glycolic Acid serums consecutively. I usually, don't bother much about the details, since my skin kind of not really affected too much by trying out those serums.  But then, someone direct message and asked me the question. " Dear Cindyrina, Do you mind telling me what is the difference between Hyaluronic Acid and Glycolic Acid for the skin?"  The answer would be simple. Glycolic acid is an Exfoliator. Hyaluronic acid is a Hydrator. So when should you use Glycolic and Hyaluronic in your skincare routine? In general, Glycolic acid is good for skin with sunspots, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. In short - aging skin. It increases the amount of substances that help with skin regeneration and the production of collagen. It is important to apply it correctl

Melano CC Enzyme Face Wash

  Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Enzyme Face Wash The no.1 whitening essence brand in Japan, Melano CC has introduced its Vitamin C Brightening Enzyme Face Wash, an effective solution to deep clean pores while retaining the skin's natural moisture. It is the first tube-type enzyme face wash produced to help maintain smooth radiant skin. Whit blend of Vitamin C and protease enzymes, this wash gently removes blackheads and dead skin cells and removes impurities to revitalize dull skin. This creamy wash lathers up into rich foam to unclog pores for smooth and clear skin. The enzyme is an effective exfoliation that helps to break down the keratin protein in the uppermost layer of the skin to gently remove dead skin cells, resulting in smooth healthy-looking skin. It also helps in reducing blemishes and pigmentation. The Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Enzyme Face Wash is suitable for daily use as it contains non-irritant ingredients such as : 💛 Enzyme to gently exfoliate and remove d

You Don't Even Acknowledge My Existence

  I am not sure what to write for this blog post title. It's just my rant about something. Yesterday, posted my achievement in earning money online on my FB timeline. I screenshot the highest month's Gross Revenue. The commission out of it is about 10% of the GR. I received some responses from that post. The likes and the comments. To be honest, that post was sort of a Social Experiment for the people who are following my FB. I saw some regulars like the post and notice some people who never like the post suddenly appear. Wow! To be honest, a bit bitter when saw someone who never like my other postings all this while responding to this one. Why? This kind of person is the one who only sees their benefits and is not sincere in building relationships. I despise this type of person. Where are you all this while? You never like my FB post or drop a comment to show your support for me. I have been donating your like to some of your postings.  I received a few DMs and comments on how

Saying GoodBye to The Year of 2022

  It has been a fairly good life journey in the year 2022. I wish to enjoy the final last 2 years of my 40s peaceful and quiet life. I don't really have many achievements since I no longer live my life with high expectations. 'Living life with the follow' is my way of living now. No pressure. Except for struggling to keep me healthy. Aish!! long way to go for that.😂 My daily life is more on video editing and shooting. Creating content for my TikTok and Lazada affiliates. I ditched being a seller at Shopee a few months back. Their charges are getting ridiculous and the rules aren't good for me to continue. Shifting to TikTok and Lazada affiliates is more rewarding for the time being. I am still struggling to get a Thousand followers in my TikTok Affiliates account but I manage to earn a few hundred, though! Not sure about Lazada affiliates. I have earned some there, but still not sure if this is worth it for me. I am not a good presenter or video editor. Being an extrem

CU x Christy Ng Tote Bag Daebak Collaboration

  Annyeong Chinggu! Fans of CU, the number one Korean convenience store in Malaysia can now celebrate the upcoming holiday season with an ultimate fashion flair! CU has joined forces with popular Malaysian designer Christy Ng to unveil a line of fashionable, collectible tote bags for everyone to enjoy. Ohhh yeah!!! For those who are still shopping for Christmas or New Year presents, please include this in your Gift list. You can even get one for yourself because this CU x Christy Ng tote bag is the p[erfect addition to your #ootd! You can even parade this beautifully unique design tote bag, meet your besties, or even enjoy a carefree holiday with your loved ones. The designs on the tote bags are inspired by Korea's CU outlet architecture, giving them a distinctive look unique to only CU, while both bags come in two special color schemes to suit your personality taste. If a loud, outgoing, colorful vibe is what you want - this tote bag with a fun, refreshing look with splashes of de

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