Saturday, March 28, 2009

Car Hunting

Kia Citra

Chana Era CV6

Chana Era CM8

Saturday , Mar 28, 2009 is the busiest day and hard for me. I go on for car hunting. I need to change my devoted 10 years old Kembara. Its time to change. 1st too many sounds going on. 2nd I feel unsafe to drive. 3rd I need car that can bring back to north.
New mini budget does not extend any benefit for 10 year old car owner like me. Why I said that? RM5,000.00 only to trade in the car. While my car value almost RM12k to RM13k in market. I believe , I can at least get RM8k to RM9k at used car dealer. Plus I got not much choice just to buy Proton or Perodua??? Expensive for a small tiny car...
One thing about me, I have phobia on driving lowered car , I mean compact car. Why? 1st I feel scared of all those big car bully me . 2nd , I can't see the pot holes ahead of me. 3rd, flash flood is everywhere. 4th I need big car to boost up my timid confidence and beat up those road bully.
Like many people said, you can't beat them, then join them hahah
My friend even suggested me to think about buying a lorry or something..
Yeah! my friend then every weekend you can see me under the flyover with a signage 'lorry for hire anyone?' Very funny eh!
Well, back to my car hunting.. Since I am also under tight budget and also unsecured with my existing job (afraid to loose it anytime - argh very uncertain), therefore trying my best to get it lower as possible.
I am also picky.. my friend were saying ' duit tak ada tapi mau ada gaya ' .
No my friend , thats not me but of course we want the best in everything. Thats why we need to survey find the best. Thats what I always do when I need to make big commitment. We need to put more effort to get the best. Not necessay the result is what we expected, but we hope for almost there....
Out of my list : My V, Viva, all protons car ( not that I don't want to support Malaysian car, but I just feel as local made they should not price it that high with that kind of specs)
As much as I dream for a rexton, honda or toyota budget is not enough for time being. Therefore, I go for what I can afford.
In my list (within budget) : Kia Citra (2l) , Chana ERA(CV6), Chana CM8
I went to see Chana ( which is China car with Japanese Suzuki engine and Italian design) I can tell you , not bad! I don't mind buying . However, too bad all their car are manual version. I am one automatic driver. Hello... don't expect to keep changing gear in KL during peak hours... pain to my feet!!!
So now I only have one choice left Kia Citra. Promotion last until next week.
Here we goes , I am still considering but hopefully God can show me the light... need to re think further. Budget very tight as well... I don't want to be over committed.
I feel hesitate right now...
If the car is meant to be mine that its mine... if its not I will move on and find others..
God please show me the light...

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