Thursday, May 28, 2009

I feel Better

When I received call from my coursemate last night saying result for MF is out, I feel very nervous. I expected to flunk on this subject because it was toughed.I am very nervous to even look at the result.
So scary!
But when I saw the result, my tears started rolling down..
Oh! my God...
I don't need to re sit! yeay!!!!
Happy! happy!
God Bless me!
Thank you.. Thank you..
Although just a pass without a credit I more than happy and thankful...
For E&I as expected I got it through smoothly and as long as I maintain credit in my result I more than happy.
A distinction will be a bonus to me.
So far manage to get through with all credits on 5 subjects plus 1 pass.
Its tough though.
Good! everything as schedule and hey finish my MBA on Feb 2010 .. here I come...
I am planning for far away trip after my MBA.
Adventurous Rina is going backpacking to London or Brisbane coming Feb or Mar.
And for now...
I need to concentrate on my new subjects which starting since 9th May 2009.
Next week need to attend classes and pile of assignments and revision waiting for me.
Like that song ' Back to life... Back to reality! '
I am moving on....

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