Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy Busy

As mentioned before, its busy 2 months ahead for me.
Enough to say I have been like nomad for the past few weeks.
Work loads and studies.
I am also busy managing up in the company.
I feel like I don't have any private time.
I come home to just have some 4-5 hours sleep.
Most of the time on the road or office.

I miss my korean and japanese drama.
But sometimes when you getting older you don't have time to watch all this craps anymore!
If I still have time to watch all this meaning , no progress in life.

I am working harder.. yeay yea people say work smart not hard..
I tried to be smart but I am not that smart so have to accept the fact and work harder and put more efforts!

Tough journey!
I wish to see my so called silence enemy at the top.
I want to look down at him one day and say hey!
I am more successful than you with my own effort.

Nothing to proud off if you are overidding on story such selling magazines door to door.
But the story need to be consistent.
If you can afford RM1000 plus camera in 1989, you are not poor as you claimed.
If you can throw bash party on your 21 birthday with in house DJ , you are not poor.

Oh ya got carried away here... I am mad at somebody so just need to express before my mind gone hair wired.

I hate over proud people..

Need a sleep now .. morning class ... I am so tired!!!

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