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Valued Voice
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here goes my coffee bean

Saturday morning... I suppose to get out from my bed at least 7am but I end up rolling rolling like a spring roll until 8.00am.
Then went to do allignment for my Tae Bong!
End up went to college around 12.00noon. I dont even have time to have breakfast!
Here goes my layparking at coffeebean mont kiara isk isk miss that moment very much...

Toyota Strategy- ish... heavy readings though! My head feel very heavy and like spinning 'gasing' to see the wordings... amma!

Then went to my sis place to check out on her since I feel uneasy because unable to reach her.
Good that she is fine!

I had wasted half of my Saturday just now.
But at least manage to see the sisters and they are all doing quite ok.
I am glad...

Now I am back and hope to catch up something on my LMP then have to go out again... aiyoh... I am so tired driving today...

When can I watch my Transformer and Harry Porter and another film by my x bf Johnny Depp (miss him so much in 21 Jump street last time). See how crazy I am over all this film star... at age of 35 years old also I still have this craze and now I shift my taste towards Asian... Jay Chou but too petite for me then my Lee Min Ho forever!!!! But only on his character in Boys before Flower ... Goo Jun Pyo forever ...

Ok back to reality... Study Rina Study.... or you waste your money and how to proof to your Evil Boss that you are intelligent too...ish... like that also can ar??? confuse suddenly...

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