Monday, July 27, 2009

Me without my smile

Me at almost 35 years old - still single and with career lead me to no where..:(

Interesting.. I was looking back at all my photos, this is the only photo without me showing my outstanding big front! even my mykad and passport photo can see my front teeth..

Look quite sad though.. yeah! this because I am going off to sit for exam right after the photo hehehe yeah ! still can take photo eh?

I just love doing all this crazy stuff to make me happy a bit. For this case I am sitting for my Competitve Strategy paper , you think I still can be showing my teeth??

Now since the exam is over.. I still can't enjoy my break period since my new study term starting. Very fast! I have 4 more papers to go..
I just downloaded my new subject online readings and maybe will print tomorrow.
My next class is next week.

I have been in a sleepless night these days due to doing too much of thinking.
Yeah! again me and my looking forward to the future.
Very nervous on what will happen next ...

How nervous I am waiting on what is my destiny is how nervous I am when I am waiting for my dominos pizza to be delivered to me just now.
Although I can just waited for half and hour , I end up open my door every 10 minutes. Afraid to miss my pizza due to my door bell not working :)

Yeah ! good dinner tonight due to just scold my bankers this afternoon. These days I found out, I need to use my firm voice and stern face to get thing done!
Not usual for me because I will only use that to the last and very very last resort.
I am normally prefer to solve the problem rather than make an enemy (make people feel hurt or uncomfortable). But hey! sometimes need to harsh to get thing done and teach them lesson.

I just can't stand people take me for granted!

Talking about my future I am now really firm on what I am putting myself into and just want to go ahead with it!
As how I made my decision to pursue my MBA this is how my decision towards this coming plan!

Jia You! Jia You! Rina ... I can do it!!!!

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