Monday, August 10, 2009

Here goes another one

Woke up with bad swollen throat!
Not a flue a cough or even a fever but just swollen and painful throat.
As usual went to office trying to keep my spirit motivated , until....

My Snr Accounts Exec slapped me with his resignation letter...
Ah! expected.. but not so soon though.. I broke down deep in my heart but lucky still maintain my composure..
Damn it!
When I am strategising to walk away here goes block here and there...
Now it will be back to more burden..
Now I feel so helpless..
Life seriously not so easy for me.
Every single sen I earned its like getting a coin out from volcano mountain.

Seriously , deep in my heart I feel more and more sick!
However, I take it as another challenge and this motivate me to move on from here soonest possible.

On the way back pay a visit to Doctor. as expected got myself antibiotic and another tablet don't really know for what just swallow it all!
My mind just blank.

I didn't take my lunch. Why? Whatelse? work and work like a slave to that man!
I just can't stop anywhere to by dinner.
Reached home don't even have energy to cook an omelette for myself.

End up staring at my suppose to be favourite series NCIS.
Hell! don't know whats happening.
My mind just cannot process anymore.
Suppose to start my journal for LD assignment but can't think at all.
I may go to bed early tonight!

God Help me please!
If I have been a bad girl this few months or years or days, please forgive me!
Please let me get out from this place safely and peacefully!
I beg you for that!

I am one very highly self motivated person but to what extend I can maintain my positiveness spirit????

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