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Valued Voice
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is there any hope left for me?

Today.. is most challenging day!
Fasting can't drink, I don't bother too much about cannot eat at all.
But can't drink?
Today my 5th recruitment day.
I have been seeing almost 4 candidates and talk and talk.
I find a lil bit difficult can't drink even a drop of water but yet need to talk a lot.
Most candidates are 2/10... where are all the good one???

Then here goes one bad news coming and disturb my emotion.
Ah! here goes my hope...
I feel very very down right after.
Its my only hope!
Why God just don't want to give me the chance?
Am I that bad??
I feel giving up... but being me by nature, I will fight to the end although I will hurt.
I will continue feeling down tonight and hope can be positive back again like I always did.
Cindyrina way of living her life!!! Gambatei!!!! Gambatei, Cindyrina!!!

I went to Tropicana City Mall to buy my food.
Nothing much I can eat there..
End up buying waffles and spring roll for my break!
Nice??? mmmm 2 star out of 10 hahahah since I am freaking hungry so just swallow whatever.

I manage to fininsh my business proposal.

Tonight starting my Toyota case for IB assignment.

See how far I can go tonight!

May God give me strength to live my life in this world and hope can do some savings for next world (almost neglected that part).

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