Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If I were a boy

Who to blame if I am not enough time to do my assignment!
Nobody! just myself...
Although, I realise this but yet I still living in my own world in 'Boy Before Flower' world.
I just want to be closed to the character that I hate most.
Gu Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho.
The character just give me the goose bump.
The character is like love and hate collide.
How I wish I just in my dream and never wake up.
If I were to be one of the character, I want to be Gu Jun Pyo character.
Yes! not to be one of the love interest but I want to be him!
Ah! how i wish my life like him.
Arrogant! yet so fragile and soft too....
Like Beyonce latest song ..
If I were a boy...
Yes! if I were I boy I want to be the bad boy!
I want to be the rebellious boy..
I want to be somebody who dare to do anything freely...
Not about courting a girl or what... just want to be somebody that other will admire because of my daring and courage..mmmm ... if I were a boy!!!
But I am just a girl..
How could I make ppl understand that I am just a girl..
Plain girl next door who got no talent , beauty which is far far away yet not so smart... and still live in my own world... that nobody can understand...

Oh yes! my assignment due on this Friday.
Then got test on Saturday!
Did I star anything???
Hell no!!!
I just don't feel like it!
Tomorrow! is a no no to start it!
Maybe Thursday.
I keep delay the most important just to enjoy my dream life...
Ah! what the heck!!!!
Thats the only world I love the most!
I feel happy.... yup! although I will suffer later...

Jia Yor Cindyrina... do whatever you like as long as you are happy...
Live life to the fullest!!!!

Althought ppl says my life is abnormal but ... what the heck!!!!
They don't feed me ... I fend for myself through my hardwork...

As long I am happy...

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