Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frust, Sick and Relax

I can't upload my photos for few weeks to my blog.
I feel very upset because of this.
Everytime I tried to upload, it will hang halfway through.
Arggghhhh!!! so sick!
I have my photo having breakfast with my friends @ Oldtown, JayaOne, eating Ramen at Korean Restaurant, Floria 2010 @ Putrajaya, Papa Rich Dimsum breakfast and also my July 2010 Size S,M&L gathering at Pavillion.
So not happy because I can't store all this moment to my online diary.
How if I die before even have time to upload this special moment in mylife???
Oh No!!!!!
Yeah! me with my drama again....
What happen to me after keeping mum for few weeks?
How is my work???
Hate it to even think about it?
As mentioned earlier, as for work I am just let my destiny brings me to the next stop.
I will not strive anymore.
I am just going to let thing happen.
Maybe I feel tired!
I did not stop striving for the past 20 years!
I guess I feel down for a while.
Last Saturday end up having my breakfast,lunch at Golden Triangle area.
Then I off to Tropicana Office tower for CIMB Securities seminar.
Well just lend my ears to these speakers talk about online stocks.
Interesting! of course they gave some speculations but hey!!! nothing new we had speculated on this same stocks during our MBA. So??? I left during last half of the talk and end up eating at subway and watched movies at nearest cinema!!!! hehehehe BAD GIRL!!!
Today I am on half day MC.
This is very unusual for me.
I feel nausea about 11.00am then my eyes feel hard to open.
I went to see doctor and were saying my blood is low and not enough blood and oxygen to my brain. He gave me my few tablets and here we go tablets everyday!
Maybe God is gonna call me up soon....
I am not that person who know the word relax.
Instead of sleeping or resting during MC, I end up browsing through AirAsia.com for air tickets.
I did some research on China.
I am thinking to go Tianjin or Guilin or Taiwan this Sept.
Anyway, let me think thouroughly.
Using my old time reserve for trip is not wise.
But at 1st place why do I not reserve for trip???
Foolish me!!!
Ah! should I go or not go???
My heart really wanna go for silk road adventure but need to take to many days leave. aissshhh!!!! I am dilemma...

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