Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frust nyeee

This is the right word.
My internet connection not co operating with me.
I have been trying to upload my photos but the connection keep fail.
fly kite! I am not trying anymore tonight.
another night then...

Oh ya! last 3 days is the most weird days....
He was here for 3 days in a row and I was back home almost at 10.00pm.
I am trying my best to assist him all I can.
Not to mentioned all the shit he put to me... tell me about it.. I am the garbage collector.
I am suppose to turn these garbage into gold!

almost every day for when he is here I told him do not include me in his expansion plan.
I am not interested.
I even told him my last day in the organisation.
I am being very frank eat up!
My decision is FIRM!
He told me , Rina you are now Financial Controller for this company....
ooopppssss what you say again??? FC?
Since when? Is this the way for you to make people stay?? promote them???
You can offer me bigger post or more money.... nope!!!! my health at stake... I grow old faster... see next 2 weeks I will be 36 years old... can you deduct 6 years for me???

Me with my ridiculous dream again... young forever!!!!!

Anyway, as I mentioned leave the place with some positive contribution and changes... I will change few ppl life in company. Negative and positive.
Condolence for the negative change and congrats for postivie change.
I can say I am very nasty in doing things right.... so eat up people!

I have one wise man telling, I am destine to do business. Be my own boss then work as other employee. mmmmm shall I change my luck next year???
I do have some luck in business . not big one but small scale... shall I be more determined and brush off my hesitation from moving forward... Anyway..

I am glad he is leaving for London again tomorrow morning... sooooooo tomorrow my party going to start!!!!!

Notice? i am getting harsher in my words and play with feelings??? yeah... countdown for 16 dec 2010.

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