Monday, September 20, 2010

My Holiday

It is very difficult to find my way to work today. (wicked lazy grin... hehehe)
Holiday is over!!!!
Back to reality...

It was a pleasant and enjoying trip to Krabi.
I snapped almost 700 interesting nature and scenic photos.
I will share in my next post. Too many to upload now. I need to go to work.
I discover many interesting food and things.

It is not difficult to blend as everywhere I goes people mistaken me as 'Thai Girl'.
Many of them deliberately talk to me in Thai language.
Can't blame them. I do admit I look like one of them though!

My adventure include Hot Spring, emerald pool, tiger cave, big tree jungle trail,4 islands hoping with speed boat, Shell Cemetary, Krabi Town with motorbike, strolling down the Aunang Beach and many more.

It was packed with exciting activities.

Manage to spare for few trips to massage parlour.
It was a good feeling.

I discover interesting experience on having street food.
A trip to hunt for the best Tom Yum Khoong and sticky rice.

Best thing, I don't even buy anything since more or less items there can be found here in Malaysia at reasonable price. So why waste energy carrying the shopping bag from krabi when you can just easily purchase here at your country?

When I heard the news yesterday on Taiwan getting hit by the storm, I feel bless for not going there. That was my 1st choice of destination before Krabi.

Next trip will be Siam Reap or Koh Sa Mui..... need to save more money for my next trip.

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