Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life is still extreme

Yeay!!!!! holiday..... so happy.
I slept around 1am last night and thought of get myself over the line until at least 10am.
Urgghhhhh! suddenly my shontelle 'Perfect nightmare' ringing to my ears. uwwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
Only 7.40am woooorrrrr!!!! Boss what you want??? I want to sleep!!!! I want to roll and roll again on my bed. Its still early!!!1 My heart protest before answer his call. Yeah! call me when he is on the way to airport.
Last night already in communication over sms until almost 10.30pm. Miss me too much. hahaha... ok ok I give you chance until I get you one hot babe as your PA. Then I can get my life back. cindyrina!!!! Fighting!!!!
I thought of continue rolling like a spring roll on the bed but then decided to on my Zumba exercise. Yeay! lets Zumba!!!!!
I thought of doing some cleaning later on... as usual when it come to that , suddenly I feel sick!!!! hehehehe one sickness call L A Z Y!!!
I end up continue my research on Bunion and try to find the best treatment and cost.mmmmm look like I have to put more effort so I can have more saving before I become handicapped.
Last night my Boss trying to create conversation with me and we were talking about asean country. Then I told him, my dreams is to explore China. He said he never been to China. Whoa!!!! so much money never been to China??? What a waste!!!! hahaha at least I have something to proud of. Then he said what to see in China????" Hello!!!! more reading please!!!! Then he said you not Chinese. I said what is the problem??? Then I told him most of my friend told me China is too big for me to explore but to me thats why I need to start it now. When I am young and healthy. I really want to go through that Silk Road journey and then all the way to Tibet. I know its sound a bit weird but I just want to do that at least before I go to another world or this earth got wipe out!
Then he said... that is a good thinking. Duh!!!! of course la...hehehehe...

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