Tuesday, February 22, 2011

At Peace

When out of the blue I feel like watching Hindi movie. I end up watching Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. Woh! I am crying over this movie. :( Yeah! it is good to clean my eyes with tears once a while.
mmmm I never feel so peaceful like this. Live day by day and work as it is. Trying my best but at same time not to push myself too hard like last time. I seriously at peace. I dont know whether this is suppose to be good or otherwise. Anyway, I kind of get use to this. Hopefully , this could improve my health. My bunion feet is killing me at night and the size getting worst. Am I going to end up handicapped. My research result to operation is just temporary solution and will be at 50:50. Scary to think about this.
For the first time at work , I had started planning for my whole year annual leave. I just can't wait for my 4th Quarter to come. Pray for long live to this date. I want to visit the place I longing for all this while. I can feel I was there last life. I just want to visit this place.
I wish my life more colourful after this. God Bless!
Anyway , here goes my last weekend enjoice!!!!........

Hutong Coffee Shop

Enjoying vietnam coffee and CI NA MON coffee (hehehehehe imitate my Chinglish friend pronounciation on cinnamon but this is actually Latte Old style. If at Starbuck they use high pressure machine on milk but for old timer they heat the milk and whisk until you can see the foam. Result? Yummy!!!!! than starbuck latte

Le Porc Dor mean Many wife

Honkee Porridge

Wild Honey with Danggui tea

Prawn sambal chee cheong fan

Fried Foo chuk

me me me camwhore again

When I decide to perm my hair for the first time in life..... how is my new look????

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