Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Witch Story

I was travelling to work this morning and the traffic was horrible.
Not to mentioned on the jumping queue drivers who really testing my morning patience.
Another type of driver who always trigger my anger is the one driving like 20km/h style or literally don't want to move. Tortoise case!
I was trying my best to control my terrible temper.
Keep thinking about tolerance then karma and many things while driving at that crawling morning.
If I have skills in animation, I would draw a cartoon on the whole situation. I will make the whole situation as nasty possible and make all this people to pay for their sin. Hehehehe I consider myself Saint in this situation kekekeke...
If I am A WITCH with great Magic
Scene 1:-
Then one car coming from the back and trying to cut the queue.
I will then just wink my left eyes and crush that car and toss it to the road side.
and the driver go....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrkkkkkkkk
Scene 2:-
I was trying to change lane from right to left but the motorcyclist does not give way to me.
hahahahaha (with nasty tone- bad witch style)
I will wink my left eyes and make motorbike behind my car stop and the rest of other motorcyclist hit each other like domino effect. Hahahaha again the same laugh . The road is clear for me.
Scene 3 :-
When the car in front of me , moving like a tortoise...
I will wink my both eyes and send the car with that bloody driver up to the moon and will never return to earth. Serve you right huh???
Oh! I am one nasty witch???
or not nasty enough?

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