Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh my Voice

I am seriously unwell.
I wonder what will happen during the recruitment drive today.
My husky and deep voice may scare away all the potential candidates??
Hope not.

My friend let me talked to his 1 year old niece over the phone for the first time. hhahahahaha result? His niece look at his face with very weird expression. One horrible voice at the other end trying to reached to her. kekekeke I scared away one small girl.

When my Boss called me yesterday evening, I tried my best to lower down the tone and make it softer possible. It was tiring conversation though...

Last night trying to sleep early but my cough is killing me.
End up my eyes wide open at 3am.
Wake up this morning and look myself in the mirror with very huge black panda eyes.
Awww so beautiful..

Today, I am hoping for positive day and go back home later for a good sleep.I really need to rest.

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