Friday, May 27, 2011

Education System or me

As mentioned in previous entry I am searching for candidates to fill up Accounts Executive position. Today I met up with 3 more candidates.
All of them with Bachelor Degree in Accountancy with at least 6 months to a year.
Their age between 24-25 years old and graduated from their Degree at least a year ago.

I tested all of them with simple double entry.
Ah! to my disappointment all of them received '0' mark.
You will give them the same as well .....

Among answers received from them :

* Expenses in Credit Balance
* Sales in Debit Balance
* Furniture & fittings is expenses
* Debtors in credit balance

.... and they are all graduate of Bachelor Degree in Accountancy.
Ambition to be an Accountant.

After having a hard time testing them on basic double entry, here are some of very annoying answer I received :

Me : Do you know the questions I just asked you is basic foundation for accounting job?
Candidate : Yes. But I never learn all those.

Me : How do you earn your Bachelor Degree in Accountancy?
Cancidate : Nope. never remember I did that.

Me : Ahhhhhh.... your syllabus must be the different type of Accounting studies.mmmmm
Candidate : ahhhhh... true true (with very blur and innocent look)

Me : Why you want to leave your current employment?
Candidate : Current position is Accounts Clerk and I am a Bachelor Degree, I need to be an Accounts Executive position.

Me : Tell me role of Accounts Executive?
Candidate : Don't need to do ground work and documentation. Just present and analyse to the top management.

Me : What is full sets of Accounts?
Candidate : Income Statement

Me : Thats all?
Candidate : Yeah!

Me : How are you going to analyse thing if you don't even know Expenses suppose to be in Debit Balance and Debtor suppose to be in Debit Balance.
Candidate : I just report...

I have many things to write but it was very frustrating moment today.
I almost loose my patience facing all these young ones!

Good luck to these people.
I wonder what they learnt in their Degree???
I am one without a Degree but just work hard from bottom to the top. All through experience and initiative.

I believe all these Graduates earned their Degree by just memorising the theories to pass exam and forget about it after graduated.
They can't even practic what they had learned?
Is there something wrong with our education system?

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