Friday, June 10, 2011

Lazy Friday

"Today I don't feel like doing anythin'
I just wanna lay on my bed
Don't feel like pickin' up my phone
So leave the message at the tone"

Hahahahaha Lazy Song from Bruno Mars

The real fact .... I don't have the choice above.
I need to wake up early from my bed and go to work earn cash to live in this world. huhuhuhuh...

Anyway, I am glad today is Friday!!!!!! Yeayyyy!!!!
I am on half day leave today.
Later going out to collect my car registration car from Finance.
Finally! I settled my car loan. Yeayyyy!!!!
I have one more car to gooooooo.... ah! this one will be another 5 years to go. arggghhhhh!!!

Last night dinner was Goat dinner equivalent.
Plain salad without any dressing. To be exact I ate fresh leaves!!!!!
So suffer to loose weight.
This morning settle with half chappati for breakfast.
My black coffee I brought from home, I left in my car at Basement 2 car park.
Ah! so lazy to go back down since I am going on half day leave later.

Happy Weekends WWW!!!!!!!!!!! Cheersss!!!!!!!!!!

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