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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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I lost 3kg with Intermittent Fasting

I really glad to start Intermittent Fasting last month and it shows a positive result. If to combine my last month travelling there are few cheat days. But I was faithfully doing it for the past 2 weeks without fail. The result is kind of make me happy especially, my BMI is no longer in the range of Obese. Everything back to normal. Good news!!!! What is Intermittent Fasting? If you think this is some kind of diet then you are completely wrong! Intermittent Fasting is a timed approach to eating time. There are a few types of intermittent fasting. The most popular one is 16: 8 which is 16 hours fasting and eat your meal during the 8 hours window. As for me, since fasting is nothing new to me as I am a Muslim so I go for 18: 6. I started fasting from 6pm until 12:00 noon. In short, you skip breakfast, eat your balanced lunch and have early dinner. What to eat to make your Intermittent Fasting more effective? I started my morning with a glass of water and a cup of hot bl

Living Life Healthily with Power Walking

I recently trying my best to stay healthy. After looking at the mirror and see the muffin top of mine look like overdosed of baking powder. uhuhuhuh... Plus my waist down kind of super hurt these days. Gosh! I guess am getting heavier each day. Since I have been adapting eating healthily for 5 days a week...mmmm..why not to combine this with some healthy exercise. I admit that my perseverance to exercise is super low. I keep delaying almost every day. Oh! shall I just confess I did exercise through my mind? Procrastination! kekekeke... Recently, I read about power walking for 30 minutes a day can help with better health. So last Sunday, owh! yesterday I started to do this power walking. I lasted for one hour on the treadmill yesterday. Whoa!!!!... I amazed with my own performance. I don't expect to lose weight since I already don't put too much hope on losing weight after many years trying but just hope I can at least stay healthy to continue this routine.


Since I bought my smoothie blender from, my morning breakfast is sooooooooo bloody healthy! Since I am office lady and my belly fat is accumulating  so I did more research on  smoothie recipe. My focus more on detox ,weight loss, slimming and something delicious and healthy. Which women don't google all this???? Tell me? who ? who? who is that lucky woman with no such worries??? hehehehe...drama!!!! My first recipe which I find this delicious is Strawberry Beet Root Green Smoothie. Ingredient : * 1/2 cup beet, cut into small cube * 1/4 avocado, peeled and slice * 1 stalk of celery * 10 medium sized fresh strawberries * 1/4 cup oats (optional) * Water ( can put whatever amount suit your taste) I am bloody lazy to blend it step by step so I just dumped it all in the blender. Blend it until it smooth and creamy. The taste???? Lovely!!!! just suit me. You can add honey if you want your smoothie sweet. This smoothies is said to be rich of vitamins

Long Holiday over

Happy Monday WWW!!! Many of us are dragging ourself back to work this morning???? Today is my first day on beancurd and egg diet. Yup! still persistent on loosing my weight. I need to achieve Supermodel size..... kekekekeke in my sweetest dream I believe??? Next week will be trying on Fish diet. Then the next week will be off to beijing and here goes all my diet ruin with all those food sampling activities. Ah! work is piling up on my table due to the long break. I am telling myself to remain calm and handle it one at the time. I just bought new digital camera for my Beijing trip next 2 weeks. :))))

Lazy Friday

"Today I don't feel like doing anythin' I just wanna lay on my bed Don't feel like pickin' up my phone So leave the message at the tone" Hahahahaha Lazy Song from Bruno Mars The real fact .... I don't have the choice above. I need to wake up early from my bed and go to work earn cash to live in this world. huhuhuhuh... Anyway, I am glad today is Friday!!!!!! Yeayyyy!!!! I am on half day leave today. Later going out to collect my car registration car from Finance. Finally! I settled my car loan. Yeayyyy!!!! I have one more car to gooooooo.... ah! this one will be another 5 years to go. arggghhhhh!!! Last night dinner was Goat dinner equivalent. Plain salad without any dressing. To be exact I ate fresh leaves!!!!! So suffer to loose weight. This morning settle with half chappati for breakfast. My black coffee I brought from home, I left in my car at Basement 2 car park. Ah! so lazy to go back down since I am going on half day leave later

I want to loose weight

I am desprately want to loose my weight! I tried do sit up until my tummy cramped. I ate NH DTox slim pill. I taken many many or whatever said can loose weight but yet my tummy still bloated. What happen to me? I am not like this last time. It can't be because I grow old? I feel heavy and not healthy at all. Whenever I wear my clothing , I feel so so bulky like a sack of rice or wheat! Tempting to go for slimming centre but it is too expensive for me. Somemore now I am on heavy thrifty crisis for my up coming business plan. Argh! want to look good but yet still ugly! I feel so lack of confident right now! Hope can loose some 2 kg with my new regime which I just started last week. I feel so tired right now. Can't even open a book to do some readings!

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