Friday, June 24, 2011

My First Kiss

My first kiss???
Did I realised it?
Well... its all happened when I was 23 years old and while I was working at this one marketing solutions company as Accounts Executive.
My boss is a western man and now he is happily married to one of the Princess here in Malaysia.
Yeah! not this fantasy Princess but the real Princess.
I think he is happily married that was what I heard last time.

It is a kiss but just a peck on my cheek. hihihihihihi...
I was caught by surprise.
He just came back to Office after oversea trip and came from behind and gave me a peck on my cheek.
Huhuhuhuhuh... that was my first skinship with man.

What is my reaction?
Since I was brought up in a very conservative way....I am totally culture shocked!
My officemate who are sitting in front of me was shocked too...
Her jaw drop.
I was so frozen on my chair and hardly move or give reaction.
Ceh! I can even felt his saliva on my face....ewwwwww.... dirty dirty ...

Of course for my Boss it was nothing at all and for me I am going nuts! almost!!!!
I can't even eat my lunch that day.
In fact I ran to the toilet washing my face and cried because I am too shocked.
In my heart I keep saying , how could he ? how could he?
Kiss one girl cheek just like that????
Seriously want to die???
Ah! did he fall in love with me???

My Boss???
nothing nothing he don't even realise on the impact from his open skinship concept behaviour with this Asian girl. Hello! I was brought up in small town and go to girl school only. no brother in the family too.
Coming to this big city and make me work among all these men enough giving me an eerie feeling and now my boss is treating me like I am one of those city girl???
Peck left right centre when they meet each other?

Hhahahaha that the worst thought I had that that age I thought people skinship each other when they fall in love to each other.... ah! I am so naive.... so so don't know where to hide my face when I thinking about that incident...

Well that was when I was 23 year old and just starting my living in the city.
When I think about it now .... I feel so embarassed ....foolish girl!
Just a peck and that foolish man fault don't even know our Asian culture.
Until now I am not comfortable to even have a skinship with another woman or man.
Just not my style!
What so good about exchanging saliva??
Thats yuckss!!!

So when is your first kiss???

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