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Valued Voice
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bad Boss

I my previous entry I wrote on 'How to survive difficult Boss'  and office politics.
Working with difficult boss is one of the hardest challenge in work life.
Face it! you may love your job but if you hate your boss .... how are you going to continue working???
You won't stay long there... again I repeat this phrase - 'People quit the boss not the job or company'.

Find out your boss type or which type of boss , are you????

The Dictator
- Their leadership style is authoritative style but open for input and they prefer direct communication style.
- they know everything and expect everything to be done on his way. Whoa!!! I worked with one before. Horrible!

The Abuser
- get ready to be cursed and be hurt.
- They are basically is a toxic person. If you kind of sensitive person you may end up your day miserably and in sad!!!

The Idiot
- ah! this type no nothing about what they are doing. They be your boss because they are luckier.
- the worst thing is they themselve never realise they are an idiot! hahahaha
- they may end up making hasty decisions due to lack of knowledge and information. DANGEROUS!!!!

The Procrastinator
- not very organised and end up being indecisive. Ah! make thing difficult for people to move on!

The Micromanager
- this type of Boss can never let go.
- can't give up on their control and make sure they involve in every detail of the work.
- Basically the company live with him and die together with him too.

Many more to list down... whatever we do just try to understand our boss and try to work around him. Stratergies your way to deal with him to make sure your working relation successful and if you see yourself as highlevel people try your way to managing up! I talk about managing up soon.


  1. well. at least spell out what a good boss will be like.
    i have always been a boss in the office, but the way i work, i mix and act as and when necessary..

    there is no such thing as a rigid attitude in management, else the business will be affected.
    thanks for your visit, now i have a guest post on an exquisite briyani rice, you may want to try :) have a nice day

  2. Once I've got an Abuser boss..can't stand it anymore..I quit myself..:(

  3. Hi Cooking varietie,

    Sure I will write on good boss soon. Not all boss are bad. Sometimes as employee we need to put ourself in their shoes as well. There always a reason behind every action. Thank you for dropping by.:)

  4. Hi Pink Diva,

    Yeah! not worth to stay put a received all the mental tortured. Life is short. We need to keep ourself happy to live longer. Good choice!


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