Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movie Marathon

Sunday morning!!!!!
Love the feeling of peacefulness.
Today's breakfast with omellete with Shitake and parmesan cheese and one freshly bake wholemeal farmer roll bread. Oh! one long black coffee.... Thank God for the good food. I am bless!

Yesterday was my movies marathon day.
Transformer 3 and Harry Potter back to back session.
I kind of like Transformer 3 even though the story line is stereotype.
Well, what do you expect from Michael Bay direction?

One of the movie scene , the part when that Sam Witwicky went for an interview with that old man with white shirt. That scene remind me to my interview session. Look a like scene after I change my strategy of interviewing .... hahahaha hillarious scene when I got to see myself live... oh! of course I look much more better than that old man.

When I was in between running towards my Harry Potter, there is this father and son conversation which I could not resist to eardrop. Yeah! nosy woman just can't drop her bad habit.

Dad : Boy! are you sure no more urine ar???
Small boy : no..
Dad : No more pee pee arrrrr??? are you sure no more shii shii arrr???
Small boy : (With very stress and upset look to daddy) nooo...

Ah! poor that small boy I am imagining the small boy standing in toilet while dad standing beside or behind him said sssssshhhhhhhhh pee pee pee pee shhiii shhhiiii... the boy need to squeeze out to the last drop.
Why? Just because dad lazy to go in and out the movie theater.
Like that also can?

If I were given a chance to be parent (which is not really hoping for it . Yeah! not my style! I made up my mind to remain my single life) I will not opt to watch at cinema for a movie. Just make sure my house have one flat big screen tv with good surrounding sound system and just watch it at home. Free hassle! Yeah! of course these scene if my lifestyle and economy is good!affordable...

Oh ya! many of my stalker keep asking why I did not upload anymore of my crazy camwhore photos these days???
I am sorry my beloved stalker , I am saving it for my beijing trip.
I will upload more photos after that.
I am saving ....
I have mission to complete during my beijing trip and surprise all my stalker and myself too!

Aigoooo.... very busy for my new challenge in work and life soon.

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