Monday, July 4, 2011

Things to do on Bersih Rally Day

I am a person who just want to live peacefully and don't want people to notice on my existence.
They can continue to do what they are doing.
If somebody won, I will be happy for them.
If somebody died or hurt I will mourn for them.
God Bless!

I feel like want to apply for off day on Friday.
I am expecting a massive road closure and road block on KL City Center.
Yesterday when I was traveling back home I saw more than 10 FRU lorries heading towards KL.
We just need to pray hard for something serious doesn't happen.

Many told me to stock up the food supply and be prepare for the worst day before and after the rally.
Seriously at first I don't know what to do.
Anyway, I prefer to prepare rather than not preparing.
Tonight I will go buy some food in case the difficult time comes and they don't allow me to step out from my house.

I need to prepare on what to do at home too, so that I don't get boring to death.

1. Download as many korean drama as possible
2. Download as many korean show
3. Some books to read
4. Facial mask
5. Foot scrub
6. Fragrance candle to make my mind at peace
7. Work out DVD
8. Korean dance song

I am fully prepared. hahahahaha..... Thought of going out for Transformer 3 this weekend...... sigh!!!!

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