Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week after Bersih Rally

Lazy week after bersih rally last weekend.
Traffic was horrible than previous.
After the Bersih rally then everyday you will read in the news on people getting who to blame.
We will read about the victim and the assailant news.
People fight for their right and the rise of the people and many more.
People died people survive and so on and on.

All this never stop and happening in every part of the world.
They just different in the own way but same because at the end they just come to one ultimate needs to fulfill.

Yes many thirst for power many hunger for money many feel they are at right.
We fight like this but at the end we still leave all this behind when we leave the world.
Who is the ultimate winner???
Almighty God is great!

Why can't they live happily and peacefully?

Yeah! all this will be only in my fairy tales sweet dream story.

I am watching Harry Potter this weekend. Transformer 3 you still have to wait!
Harry Potter first!

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