Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Control Freak Boss

Did you ever work with control freak boss before?
I did!
Who are this control freak boss?
They are :
  1. Micro Manager
  2. Driver
  3. controller
  4. slave driver
Well, people in these days and age, jobs are not easy to knock the door upon and we might deal with it rather than just quitting!

I know its hard, let us try our best,ok?

I once worked with this boss who breathing behind my back 24 hours.
The control not just on your work but also on weekend which suppose to be our off day. No boss day! And would want to know who you eat with ,where you go, what you doing and more and more to report to.

During office hours is worst!
He even control on the way I answer call and the way I replied to phone calls. Every single thing need to be approved even the way you do thing. Sorry! basically I am just a puppet. That was on my 1st month working with him. Oppsss! forgot to mentioned when I am about to join him, one of person I met in industry had warned me about him. According to my friend, he is well known as slavery boss.OMG! What can I say??? Too late! I signed the offer letter and resigned from my current job.
I have no choice but to move forward and face whatever challenge coming towards me.
Hey! what and achievement, I survived him 3 1/2 year though! People in the industry totally salute me for being the longest survivor ever. hehehehe
Now I can sing that 'SURVIVOR' song???
 I really appreciate what I have learnt from him. He thought me a lot despite his torturing moment to me. I wish he back off a little then he will be a prefect boss! He is main contributor for I am now.
Thank you Boss!!!
How to manage control freak boss?
  • Be proactive
  • listen to what your boss wants
  • build up trust to your boss and ensure he trust you
  • Try to find good thing about him and try to see him as a human
  • Most important - control your anger and be patient and more tolerance
  • Self motivated and stay positive
Few note  I normally do when handling this kind of boss,
  •  Inform my Boss even before he ask me
  • Present to him before he even think about asking about it
  • I always analyse thing and situation then giving proposal with pros and cons then conclude with recommendation.
  • I try to think on behalf of my boss to ease his burden
  • What ever I do , I will put all my effort and do the best. 
  • aware about the market industry and try my best to update him on what the competitor are doing.
Try your best and good luck!

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