Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Managing Up

Managing up! It sounds like we need to be a sucker? Manipulating your Boss?
Nay!!!! That is not what it mean.....

I survived few difficult bosses and now still surviving of their mental tortured! ahahaha ... just kidding!!! not that bad. For me managing Bosses or managing up , is very challenging task. Too kind to good is too boring for me to work with them. hahahaha... yeah! another psycho statement from me.

To me Managing up is more win win situation and benefit to both parties.

Most important tips to managing up :

1. Understand you Boss's preferences
2. Be honest and trustworthy (don't be a CNN)
3. Understand boss thoughts and agenda (there is always a reason behind his instruction. If don't know their objective...ASK!)
4. Loyal and committed
5.always come out with solutions instead of create problems
6.Don't give your boss surprises(not funny, OK!!!)
7.Find out your boss weaknesses
8. Know your boss dislike (eg. he hate late comers or hate disorganized people)
9.Understand yourself (if you don't understand yourself ....go back and reflect before start dealing with your boss)
10. Know your own strengths and weaknesses.

In short , always think like your boss and you will understand him well.
Adapt to your boss rather than expect boss adapt to you. Whatever you do ...you will never win your boss!

This is strictly my personal view. If you have any other thoughts please don't hesitate to email me direct or leave your comments.

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