Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Again

OMG!!! its Monday????
Monday is the most difficult transition for us after weekend.
How to start your week with less grumpy and make it happier???

Here are few suggestion to kick start your week.

  • Wear your best dress
  • Turn on your favourite music on while you are driving to work
  • Eat you favourite food for breakfast (oopppsss for those who are fasting jut skip this one,ok)
  • Greet people around you with bright smile
  • Clean your office table and make it tidier
  • Ask you office mate on how is their weekend
  • Try to help them is possible
  • Come out with a to do list for the week
  • Call out to your friends and talk about fun topic

more to list just think about positive and fun thing and your week will be better and happier!

Happy Monday WWW!

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