Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Finally, its the day.... its the day.... I am about to climb the Great Wall of China!!!
My Min Zhie was very excited ...same like me too!!
Bought a Great Wall package - bus tour.
My group is English speaking group and they are from USA, French,Belgium and me from Malaysia.
Standard Great Wall package :
- Jade factory
- Ming Tombs
- Great Wall Mutianyu
- Teahouse
- Silk factory

We went to Jade Factory learn about how to differentiate real and fake jade. They they show how the jade being crafted from raw stones to the one we saw in display.
The next stop is The Ming Tombs which is around 50km northwest of the downtown Beijing. You could find many Peaches, Jujube and Chestnut farms on your left and right before your reached this place.

Ming Tombs or 13 Tombs is the burial site of 13 out of 17 emperors of the Ming Dynasty. The one we are visited is the only one site that are good look to visit. This tomb was unearthed in 1956 and two others that have been uncovered and others remain illusive.

Well normal ancient Emperor need companion even when they die. So it is standard to see Empress and 1st rank concubine follow this Emperor to the grave. Oh! not forgotten the treasures and others. No more treasure and what we can see just the huge few red box for show. According to the tour guide the candle was lighted up all the time when they found this Tombs they have a hard time removing gallons of sesame oil which are used to light up the candles inside this Tombs.

Next I will head for lunch by the foot of Great Wall and start my journey as a Great Wall climber hero along with my little Min Zhie who are very happy I brought her along!!!!

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